Attention Rich Girls!! It is your chance to become famous and let the whole world know about you! A major TV channel is now casting for “America’s Next It Girl”! They are looking for gorgeous, sophisticated, super-confident ladies ages 21 and up with big personalities and even bigger ambitions who live an extravagant lifestyle. It will be a fun show that highlights the glamor and excitement in your lives. They want to show the viewers what it’s like to live such a fun lifestyle!

There will be open calls in the following cities LA/OC, NY/NJ, Nashville, Philly, Miami, West Palm Beach, Houston, and surrounding areas in late August/early September. (So, hurry up!!)

If this describes you:
– You’re out every night and there’s not a club you can’t get into
– You’ve got the fabulous lifestyle (clothes, car) that demands to be noticed
– You are not shy about saying what you feel—and if people don’t like it, tough!
– Every charity wants you at their event
– You have high standards that must be met
– People aspire to be you and you know it!

Then this could be your shot at ‘It Girl’ fame! If you have what it takes to outshine the hottest of the hot, you could become “America’s Next It Girl!”

To apply for the show, email at or for more information call the casting department 8183256903
Remember, you need to be at least 21 to participate!

Good luck, Rich Girls!! It is your time to shine! I wish I could participate, it sounds like lots of fun!


Rich Girl

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