My name is Julia Travchenko and is my “baby”. This blog is about everything beautiful, inspiring, fashionable and luxurious. When people ask me: “Why such a bold name for a blog? Are you totally materialistic?!” To this I say: “Of course! I am obsessed with everything expensive: high-end brand clothes, exquisite watches and jewelry, exceptional wine, glamorous events, fine dining, fast cars, art, exclusive mansions, luxurious travel destinations and 5* hotels :) And it doesn’t mean that I own any of that (in fact, I am way to go to that first billion, in case you are wondering), but I am definitely interested and focused on top-notch stuff!”

I also love and admire wealthy and successful people. There is so much you can learn from them! Their experience and life stories are priceless and will definitely help in achieving any financial goals. And my own aspirations are set very high (Forbes Top Billionaire’s List high!). :) That’s why I am reading a lot of biographies and sometimes interview successful girls here on my blog.

I was born and lived in Riga, Latvia until I moved to paradise called Marbella, Spain in 2010. I fluently speak in three languages: Russian, English and Latvian. Understand and can even talk a bit in Spanish. Have Masters degree in Marketing Management from The University of Latvia. And now live happily in a resort city with my husband.

Being an expat is a completely new experience for me, but I am loving every minute of it. I love to travel and adventures, that’s why I always wanted to live abroad. Of course, expat living has some challenges like new language, new people, things to do with yourself :) But it also has advantages like constant exploring, finding out about new places, stepping out of your comfort zone and … new people. I could write so much about expat living and sometimes I do it here on the blog. But I still prefer coffee dates (or long evenings over multiple glasses of wine) to sitting alone at home writing something on my laptop. Guess, I am not a typical blogger after all. Just a girl looking for motivation, fulfillment and excitement in everyday life.

So, to sum it all up, is refined lifestyle blog about abundance both money-wise and richness in all aspects of our life – happiness, creativity, kindness, relationship and achievement. But it is also a collection of random articles about shopping, fashion, celebrities, gifts, celebrations and other stuff that I write when inspiration hits me.

My ultimate goal in life is to become a person, who has it all! And I strongly believe that it is possible! That is why “RICH” is my absolute favorite English word – it symbolizes everything I want to be:

R – refined
I – inspiring
C– creative
H – happy

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Julia aka Rich Girl

julia travchenko julija travcenko юлия травченко
photo by Dinara Nikiforova