Marbella is not only place for rich girls, glamorous parties and fancy beach clubs, but it is also a picturesque spot to have a wedding. I just found out that one of my favorite singers Julio Iglesias got married in Marbella.
As the official statement says on Julio Iglesias website – Julio and his girlfriend Miranda got married on August 24th in the private ceremony in the parish of Virgen del Carmen of Marbella. The newlyweds will settle in the village of Ojen, not far from Marbella, where they have a large estate, Iglesias’ agent told the Press.

According to the number of beautiful white doves hanging around the beach, a lot of people decide to marry in Marbella.
As to me, I would definitely organize wedding on the beach. It is so romantic. I still remember the wedding of my friends, which I was honored to attend, the celebration took place on the beach in Antibes. It was just like in a fairytale.
What about you?! Where would you like to get married?


Rich Girl

P.S. I love this song by Julio Iglesias. I don’t know Spanish good enough to understand all the words, but I can guess that it is a beautiful song about love! Enjoy!