I think you will find a lot of people out there who will say: “Why spend so much money on junk (meaning expensive designer clothes)! Why spend $200 for just one t-shirt if you can buy 10 instead of the same quality”. Also, it started to be very popular lately to mention the economy: “It is outrageous to buy designer clothes when the economy is down and everyone needs to struggle”. And so on and so forth. Maybe even you think that it is always better to do your shopping in cheap department stores rather than switch to boutiques?! Well, just keep on reading and I will try to explain you why it is crucial to always choose the best and as a result more expensive things.

Before I will continue my speech about clothing I want to ask you one question:“When people first see you what do you want them to think about you? What impression you want them to have?” Think about it. Why businessmen spend fortunes on expensive suites and accessories? Right, because they want people to think about them as successful, trustworthy and rich, kind of person you want to do business with, kind of person you can trust. You won’t trust a businessman in untidy dreadful suite and dirty shoes; because you will think that if he can’t make an effort to look good, why he will be making any effort in doing great business. Or else, maybe he is not that smart or successful; maybe he is broke and can’t afford to look good, so if I will be dealing with this guy I will lose money, better stay away from him. What will my friends think about me if I will introduce this person to them?

Someone might say, but I am not a businesswoman why should I bother. I don’t care what people think about me as long as I am happy the way I am. Well, it is up to you to think that way, but if you want to succeed in this life, if you want people to respect you and treat you as important person you need to make an effort. Your appearance is the first basis for evaluation people have, and first impressions last. The better you are “packaged”, the more public acceptance you will receive. People look at another person and make a quick and often subconscious appraisal.

Your appearance talks to others, but it also talks to you. Try to remember what did you feel when you were dressed up for a special event, let’s say prom night. You wanted to look your best, right? You were searching the stores for the one and only dress, which will help highlight your slender body, you begged your parents to give you more money, because that perfect dress were expensive. Then you bought the shoes, they also were perfect and more expensive than you planed them to be. But when the day had come, remember how did you feel? You were confident about yourself, you wanted to smile, you wanted to make lots of pictures, guys were impressed by your looks, girls were envious and everything was just so perfect.

Now, also remember the time when you decided to go out and didn’t make an effort to look good. You had greasy hair, your outfit was cheap and shabby; you were just going to buy some essentials from the nearest supermarket. And right there you have met a guy whom you liked so much! He noticed you and started to talk to you. What were your feelings in this situation? Did you want to smile and flirt with the guy or you just wanted to run away as soon as possible and hide somewhere? Did you manage to feel like a queen in this situation? The guy of your dreams is right here why you want to run away? Because you know that you don’t look your best and it eats up your confidence.

So, why to spend lots of money on clothes again? Because in the end it will make you feel confident, feel important, feel beautiful which will result in winning respect in others, making new friends and boyfriends.

What to do, if you are not a rich girl at the moment, but you want to dress rich? The solution is: pay twice as much and buy half as many. Remember, it is not the quantity is the quality that counts. It is better to buy one pair of expensive high quality shoes which will last longer, win you respect, boost your confidence and will look great than to buy cheap ones which will be killing your feet, will look dreadful after two times of wearing and you will never know how long they will last. The same rule applies to sunglasses, handbags, coats, dresses, skirts, socks – everything!! Look at it as an investment. Guys invest in stocks, we girls invest in looking and feeling good.

And you know why all this trouble?! As L’oreal slogan says: Because YOU worth it!

You are worth the best this life has to offer! Always remember that and choose accordingly!


Rich Girl

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