When I started Success Stories on Rich Girl’s Club I was thinking about collecting information about successful and famous people, what they were doing on their way to stardom, what made them famous and rich and what can we learn from their experience.
But after a while I realized that you can find the stories about famous people everywhere, just Google the name of the person you want to find out information about and you will get the full picture starting from the days when he/she was a little baby.
I am receiving a lot of emails from people, who may not be famous world wide, but they are very successful and their stories are interesting and educational. So, I decided to dedicate “Success Stories” section on Rich Girl’s Club for these people.
You have a chance to be featured on Rich Girl’s Club as well, if you have your own Success Story you want to share with us! Just fill out this form, write a short story about your success and don’t forget to mention your valid email address. If I find your story interesting and educational for other Club Members I will contact you and your story will be posted on the site.
And remember, not every success is measured with money. Success as defined in Wikipedia:

Success may mean, but is not limited to:
* a level of social status
* achievement of an objective/goal
* the opposite of failure
* the succession of successfully executed tasks and successes

Looking forward for the stories of your success!


Rich Girl

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