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It seems that only yesterday have started a marvellous tradition of introducing 5 amazing bloggers before Christmas! Now it is already the second edition of our yearly Holiday editorial and not 5, but 6 fabulous bloggers! I figured that it would be great to add one more blogger each year as there are so […]

Those of you who is the member of Rich Girls Club Facebook page and reads this blog, knows that I am a big tennis fan. And although I love to play much more than to watch the matches, I do have my favorite tennis players. At the moment they are Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Roger […]

I have just received information about one of my most favorite Forbes lists – “The Celebrity 100“. I somehow missed to write my thoughts about it last year, but if you are interested you can see my opinion on this two years ago. “The Celebrity 100″ is put together taking into consideration not only the […]

I have met Dinara a while ago while we were working on the same project together. I loved her creative approach to things since then, she always had a talent to stand out from the crowd and everything she does is just so cool! The latest thing I loved about Dinara is the photo shoot […]

‘Success never comes along, but through stern determination, perseverance and God’s grace’. A successful person is one who works hard but smartly. All of us would have certainly read about several successful stories of great men. But having read about a successful woman, I decided to compile about her and her achievements in brief. Hard […]

The year 2011 was full of wonderful moments. A lot of good and bad things have happened in the world during this year, but as always we are not going to concentrate on the bad things. I have decided to remember only the good things and make the list of those celebrity girls, for whom […]

Wise people say, that as soon as you’ll find out what is it that are you really passionate about and have the guts to turn it into your career, then you will become happy, rich and successful. You are going to do it with all your heart and love and that is all that matters. […]

I think everyone knows what is Youtube. We all watched and shared funny or cute videos with our friends, some even have their own channels, but there are people whose life was changed completely by Youtube. People, who managed to turn their hobby and passion for creating videos into successful online business, whose Youtube nicknames […]

Interview With The Latin Touch

Rich Girl January 13, 2011 1 Comment

Shakira, Eva Longoria, Penelope Cruz, Salma Hayek and the list goes on and on and on, these are the Latin women, who have concurred the world and won the hearts of almost all men and admiration of women from all over the world. Now meet Isabel Lopez – the owner of the blog Miss […]

Fashion blogging is one of the major trends online at the moment. And if done properly and with passion, it usually brings fame and recognition to the owners of such blog. For example, Swedish retail giant H&M after successful collaboration line with Lanvin will now launch a line designed by a fashion blogger in February! […]