I was browsing the Internet the other day and came across very motivating story of one family which became millionaires by turning their hobby into very successful business. By selling custom keepsakes made using framed photos Jera, 34, and Brad Deal, 39 from Peoria, Illinois made in 2007 in sales (projected) $10.5 million. Isn’t it amazing?! Their story really makes us learn that everything is possible in this world, and it is not so hard to become a millionaire one day, as long as you have a brilliant idea and a strong will to succeed.

Here is their story: (I took it from their site http://www.createsticksandstones.com. You can find a lot of interesting things there as well)

Sticks and StonesTM began as an alphabet lesson for Brad and Jera Deal’s daughters. The family began “letter hunting” while on walks or while spending the day at the park. They would look for different “letters” in nature (STICKS) and architecture (STONES). They began taking photographs to remember their adventures, creating a collection of letters based on the family’s hobby. Brad, Jera, and the girls continue to letter hunt, so keep checking in as new letters are added to the “Letters Gallery”.

In October 2005, Jera was a room mom for Julianna’s preschool class. Therefore, she was in charge of finding a gift for the teacher when she was married during the school year. Jera didn’t want to give the teacher a gift from her registry — that just wasn’t memorable enough. She wanted to give her something that she would look at in 20 years and know exactly who the gift came from. As the family discussed their gift dilemma, they decided to try something new: having their letters custom framed spelling out the teacher’s new last name. Once the other mothers saw the gift at the class bridal shower, and the teacher displayed her gift in the Teacher’s Lounge, everyone wanted one of their own.

In less than three years, Sticks and StonesTM has grown from one creation to being available in many catalogs and boutiques around the world. Sticks and StonesTM is also honored to be the gift of choice for many dignitaries and celebrities including Oprah Winfrey, The Obama Family, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Martha Stewart, and Rachael Ray. Oprah told Brad and Jera, “This IS the perfect gift for the person who has everything because no one has anything like this!”

So, how did you like this success story? I think it is very motivating, isn’t it? I would love to know what do you think about it. Maybe you have your own success story which you want to share with us?  Please leave your comments below or send us your story by filling out this form. Good luck!

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