I would like to congratulate you on the New 2009th Year! I wish you to fulfil all your dreams and desires! I wish you become rich and successful this year, if you still is not rich! And if you are already rich and successful then I wish that the world crisis would not have a negative effect on your life and money. Let this year be super fun and super Rich!

Ok, so this is my wishes for you. But what do YOU really want to get this year? Can you share it with us? Would be great if you could, this way we could motivate each other.

I can share some of my plans and goals that I want to reach this year:
1. I would love to attract at least 1000 active members for Rich Girl’s club.
2. Double my income.
3. Travel a lot: spend a week or two on Maldives, Hawaii, Bahamas, visit my friends in Barcelona and Milan, spend some quality time in Rome, Viena, Cannes, Monaco, Sidney, London.
4. Work out a lot, start doing some aqua aerobics and play tennis at least twice a week.
5. Lead a healthy and happy life.

So, these are my main goals for the year 2009. What about you?

Rich Girl