Ok, so you want to become a Millionaire one day, right? At least  you like to dream about it. I think it is already a good start. If you at least know what you want, it is most likely that you will get it.

But do you know what does the word Millionaire mean? Who are they, those Millionaires? Do you know what you will have to do and face when you will become one? You need to know it before you started your jorney towards Big Huge Money!

Let’s have a look at the Wikipedia:
The word was first used (as millionnaire, double “n”) in French in 1719 by John Law, and is first recorded in English (millionaire, as a French term) in a letter of Lord Byron of 1816, then in print in Vivian Gray, a novel of 1826 by Benjamin Disraeli. An earlier English word “millionary” was used in 1786 by Thomas Jefferson while serving as Minister to France; he wrote: “The poorest labourer stood on equal ground with the wealthiest Millionary”. The first American printed use is thought to be in an obituary of New York tobacco manufacturer Pierre Lorillard II in 1843.

The increasing prevalence of people with more and more money has given rise to additional terms to further differentiate millionaires. A multimillionaire has a net worth of more than 2 million units of currency, a decamillionaire has a net worth of more than 10 million units of currency, and a hectomillionaire has a net worth of more than 100 million units of currency. The term centimillionaire has become synonymous with hectomillionaire in America, despite the centi- prefix meaning 1/100, not 100, in the metric system.

While statistics regarding financial assets and net worth are presented by household, the term is also often used to describe only the individual who has amassed the assets as millionaire. That is, even though the term statistically refers only to households, common usage is often in reference only to an individual.

A millionaire (originally and sometimes still millionnaire) is an individual whose net worth or wealth exceeds one million units of currency. It can also be a person who owns one million units of currency in a bank account or savings account. Depending on the currency, a certain level of prestige is associated with being a millionaire, which makes that amount of wealth a goal for some, and almost unattainable for others.

The increasing number of millionaires is partially due to prevailing economics: Increasingly, the term denotes more and more to the status of high wealth. American sociologist Leonard Beeghley classifies all households with net worth exceeding $1 million as “The Rich.” Currently, there are over 10 million residents around the globe classified as millionaires.

So, I guess you are now more aware of when people will start calling you a Millionaire, right? Now you need to make your first step toward your long and exciting journey to the Rich and Happy Life. What will be this first step? Let’s find out in the next post.

Rich Girl

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