Martina Hingis is here in Marbella for Marbella Masters 2010 event and she is in a great shape! Check out my tiny review of the Marbella Masters 2010 event here! I never really hoped to see such a major tennis star so close, I even got an autograph from her! Not that I am really into collecting scribbled paper, I just wanted to get closer to the truly successful Rich Girl!!

Autograph by Martina Hingis taken on Marbella Masters 2010

Damn, I will have my business cards ready only on Monday, can’t believe that I actually missed the opportunity to invite Martina Hingis to be a part of our Rich Girl’s Club! Sorry, girls, my bad!!
Martina is all smiles, looks fabulous and is smashing her opponents with ease. Well, I knew Martina is a star and success, but anyway I conducted a little search on Google and found out so much more about her, like she have won $20,130,657 in career prize money! She is forth all-time money wise in women tennis (after Graf, Davenport and Navratilova, the only four at this point to pass $20 million) according to How cool is that?! Also, I found out that Martina loves shopping and her favourite designers are Gucci, Dior and Roberto Cavalli.

Martina Hingis at Marbella Masters 2010 Puente Romano

Martina was named after famous tennis player Martina Navratilova and was destined to become tennis star herself! I guess she didn’t have any other option as her mother was coaching her throughout her career starting with the early age of 2!! Martina entered tournaments at 4! And they say that you need to sing up your kids in tennis club only when they are 6!! Obviously, it is never too early to start making your own destiny!

Martina was born in Kosice, Slovakia in September 1980 and moved to Switzerland when she was 8. She holds five Grand Slam singles titles (winning Australian Open, Wimbledon and US Open in 1997, then winning Australian Open again in 1998 and 1999); reached seven more finals (three at Australian Open, two at Roland Garros and two at US Open). She also holds nine Grand Slam titles in doubles and one in mixed. Martina held No.1 position in WTA rank for 209 non-consecutive weeks in singles (fifth all-time) and for 35 non-consecutive weeks in doubles; was first Swiss to hold either; held both simultaneously for 27 non-consecutive weeks, one of now-five players to achieve the feat. She was the youngest Grand Slam champion in 20th century at 16yrs, 3mos, 26days (1997 Australian Open); youngest No.1 in history (16 yrs, 6mos, 1day). (quoted from

Martina Hingis on clay court at Puente Romano Marbella Masters 2010

Martina Hingis is such a success that she is even immortalized in wax at famous Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum!
I must say that I am impressed by how one girl can achieve so much in her early age! Just think of it, Martina will only turn 30 this year and she already achieved so much in her life! Now, she is traveling around the world, playing tennis in the events similar to Marbella Masters 2010 and enjoys her life. She has so much more ahead of her and it makes me feel like I missed something in my own life, the part where I achieved something honorable in my early years which will never actually happen. But again, as I have already said, it is never too early nor too late to start making your life the way you want it to be! So, I do believe, that one day my star will shine as well as yours!
My, dear girls, don’t just spend your time – make this life memorable and full of achievements! Martina Hingis is a really great example!


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