This year for the first time Puente Romano Tennis Club in Marbella is hosting Senior Tennis Tournament – The Puente Romano Marbella Masters 2010.

Marbella welcomes tennis stars such as the two times Roland Garros Champion and past “King of Clay” Sergi Brugera, Wimbledon Champions Pat Cash and Richard Krajicek and others. But the true star of this luxurious event is the 5-time Grand Slam Champion Martina Hingis!!

The event is taking place from 17th till 19th of September 2010 and I’ve already attended two days of the Matches. I must say that this is a spectacular event and all the rich and famous of Marbella circuits (as well as those who came here for holiday) can be spotted on the stands. I was pleased to spot a lot of rich girls with their Hermes bags and Omega watches, as well as guys with the attitude. I just love such posh events, when people dress casually, but smart and never forget about rich accessories. But again, I didn’t just come to see brands around me; I came to watch tennis, obviously :)

Martina Hingis on clay court at Puente Romano Marbella Masters 2010

By the way, in case you didn’t know, tennis as well as golf is the most prestigious and favorite sports by the rich and famous. So, if you haven’t got the basics yet, I advice you to sign up for the course of training in your local golf and tennis centers. Maybe on the early stage you will need to choose what do you like the most golf or tennis and then focus your efforts on one of them. I personally chose tennis, because it is fun and it helps you keep in shape, also I was playing tennis since I was a kid (thank you Mum and Dad for your smart investment in my rich future!), so it is just logical I play it. But, since I moved to Costa del Sol, Costa del Golf with numerous amazing golf valleys around me, I will definitely take some lessons in golf soon.

Ok, I’ve got a little bit distracted; I wanted to talk about Marbella Masters 2010 and Martina Hingis. As I have already mentioned before there are a lot of guys with titles in the tournament, and I must say that Richard Krajicek is a real sweetheart – tall and handsome, but the real star of the event is Martina Hingis!! I guess she is the one who attracted the most of the spectators! Guys please don’t get offended!

Read more about me taking autograph from Martina Hingis as well as major highlights of Maratina’s career in my post Martina Hingis – Rich Girl and Tennis Success! You will find a lot of interesting facts about Martina Hingis, like what are her favorite brands and more!!

I just love being here in Marbella, meeting successful rich girls and enjoying life.


Rich Girl

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