Today was the grand final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2012, where Sweden won with whopping 372 points.

I love watching Eurovision, there is always something intriguing about the contestants, their song choices, outfits and of course the voting. It’s funny how most of the time the neighboring countries give the maximum points to each other and still every year we have different winner.

I enjoyed this year’s competition the most. The hosting country was Azerbaijan and the contest took place in Baku. I think they did a fantastic job building the Baku Crystal Hall, the stage and lighting was great and I also loved the videos about the country, they surely ignited my desire to visit this interesting place. But other than that the contestants this year were very talented with amazing voices and interesting songs. I think that this year’s Eurovision was the best show since I remember it. And it is definitely the first time in many years, when I am really happy with the winner!

Eurovision Song Contest 2012 trophy

Before the voting started my top 3 favorites were: Sweden, Russia and Denmark. I also loved the girls from Azerbaijan and Spain, they had exceptionally strong and beautiful voices, but not enough charisma to win the competition.

So, two of my favorites actually ended up in the top three after the results of the voting were concluded. I was really surprised that Denmark received only 21 points in total and ended up on the 23rd place. I loved the song and the girl was cute. In case you haven’t seen the show here is the video of the Denmark performance, please let me know what you think.

Ever since I saw the Russian entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 a few months ago, I knew they will be among the favorites. These girls from Russia had a formula to success: a funny song and adorable looks! I don’t know who wouldn’t be touched by their cute smiles and performance. Some people say old ladies from Russia received the votes only out of pity, but I can’t agree with that. Russian “Buranovskiye Babushki” really deserved their second place! I hope that there will be some kind of monetary reward for them as well!

I can’t say much about the third place, which is Serbia, because I didn’t really like the song. When they started to gain a lot of points I couldn’t even remember who the performer was, and I guess that shows that Serbia was not on my list of favorites. Anyway, congratulations for the third place!

And finally the winner – Sweden! I loved everything about it – the show, the performer, but most importantly the song! In the end this is the song contest, so the song “Euphoria” was exactly to my taste. As I already said earlier, this is the first time I am actually happy with the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 winner! Congratulations to Sweden and especially Loreen! Can’t imagine how happy she is right now.

Loreen Sweden euphoria song winner of the eurovision song contest 2012 in baku

So, next year the Eurovision Song Contest will be held in Sweden, maybe we should go and see it live in 2013? What do you think, rich girls? Do you follow this contest?


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