All those gorgeous women at the Cannes Film Festival 2012 red carpet made me realize how much I would love to be a part of this magnificent event. And although this year I am enjoying it on the couch wearing something far from sexy and flattering, who knows what next year will bring. We need to focus on our dreams, not on our reality :) Although sitting on the couch is so comfy and definitely safe, well, not for my butt.

Anyway, when I was dreaming about my red carpet look, I decided that the best choice would be something classy, feminine, sexy yet at the same time modest. Somehow I believe that Film Festival is not a place to shock people with extravagant choices. So, here is my perfect look:

cannes film festival red carpet red dress style set

OSCAR DE LA RENTA – one-shoulder gown
Miu Miu – Velvet Clutch

Jimmy Choo – Ivette Leather Stilettos

Colucci Diamonds – White Gold Diamond Pegasus Earrings

Hellmuth – White Diamonds Bracelet

So, rich girls, what do you think?


Rich Girl

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