I was looking for cool ideas and topics for my next style set, when I saw this dress! It was love from the first sight and I knew straight away that this was it! I don’t need to search no more :)

Ok, enough with romance, let’s talk business style :) I saw this Blumarine floral dress and wanted to style it my way. Florals are huge this season, so I guess Blumarine nailed it – created an amazing and trendy dress. So, here is the end result of my styling. Please let me know what do you think, girls!

blumarine floral summer dress style set

Dress: BLUMARINE Flower dress
ROGER VIVIER – 120mm Prismick Leather and Suede Sandals

Bracelet: Frederica Rettore
Earrings: Kiki McDonough

So, rich girls, do you like this dress as much as I do?


Rich Girl

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