This weekend started early and was rich for events here in Marbella. First we celebrated San Juan on the night from 23rd to 24th of June, then on 24th continued with Ricky Martin concert in Malaga and my friends’ Agi birthday party, on 25th I decided to take it slow, entertained my mom, who is visiting me now, with some drinks and food in Puerto Banus and on Sunday 26th visited Opening BBQ Lunch Sunday at Suite del Mar. It was busy and hard partying for me for a couple of days, at some point I even made up my mind to give up drinking white wine, so today I just relax by the pool, drink green tea and reflect on the previous events.

Today I want to tell you about Ricky Martin concert in Malaga. It was amazing! I somehow didn’t expect a lot from this concert and it was a great surprise for me how great it turned out to be!

Ricky Martin is a special artist for me. I think I knew all of his songs from his album “Living La Vida Loca” by heart and even now can remember the summer of 1999 when I was in love and Ricky Martin’s songs were the perfect way to put my feelings into words. I guess I don’t need to tell you, that this guy was and still is as sexy as hell and as good looking as, well, it is hard for me to find someone who will be as good looking :)

ricky martin mas tour in malaga spain

Ricky’s voice and looks made him one of my favorite singers at that time. It was a real pity that he disappeared and was quiet for such a long time. No one was ever as good as Ricky Martin for me since.

Time flies fast and you forget about your favorite singers, so when I heard that Ricky Martin is coming to Malaga, I wasn’t that excited. Yes, I wanted to go, but my friend had her birthday party at the same day, so I thought I better go to her birthday. And only when I found out that birthday will be not earlier than at midnight, I said ok, let’s see if there are still some tickets left.

ricky martin with a band on stage in malaga

Concert took place in Auditorium Municipal in Malaga and I must say a couple of words about the venue. I was surprised to find out that the auditorium was very new, fresh and smartly organized. There were a lot of bathrooms, huge parking space and inside you have breathtaking views of the city from the upper seats and there is place for everyone. A lot of security and medical personnel made me feel secure and safe, which is so important during such massive concerts. So, the next time some major star will be performing in Malaga, I would go, as English people say, without a shadow of a doubt :)

ricky martin in malaga spain with spanish flag

The other pleasant surprise was that the concert started on time! I remember we waited for Madonna to start her show in Talinn for almost an hour! So, thank you Ricky for thinking about your fans :)

The show itself was amazing, with a lot of backing dancers, light effects and smart stage decoration. But the main attraction was Ricky Martin, of course! He was changing in different tight clothes all the time and looked amazing. My favorite outfit on him was white jeans and black jumper. Oh, man! :) They were showing him on two huge screens and girls just couldn’t get enough.

sexy ricky martin on stage on a chair

I also loved being with Spanish speaking people during the concert. For me it was a new and exciting experience. Spanish people know how to enjoy themselves, they were dancing, singing, cheering! It was such a pleasure to be among such friendly and happy crowd.

rich girl julia in malaga ricky martin concert

Ricky Martin’s songs are very lively and sensual at the same time, you can dance to any of them and that’s why time flies so fast! I didn’t even realize how almost two hours passed. I had such a great pleasure and fun! I would definitely recommend to everyone to go to Ricky Martin’s concert if you have a chance! You will enjoy every minute of it.

Here is the video from the concert in Puerto Rico:

Oh, and there was one song about Puerto Rico and they were showing pictures and amazing views of this spectacular country. It made me remember my vacation to Puerto Rico three years ago and how great it was! I want to go to Puerto Rico again now!!

rich girl on the beach in puerto rico

What do you think about Ricky Martin, rich girls?!


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