After I wrote an article called“Highlights Of Marbella Luxury Weekend”, I felt that there is still something missing, there were still a lot to tell about this amazing and one of the kind event which took place in Puerto Banus from 2 till 5 of June 2011. So, I have decided to write one more post where I could list all the things I loved about Marbella Luxury Weekend and share some ideas for the next year’s event.

1 – Atmosphere – It was definitely the atmosphere of a holiday. Almost in every store and boutique in Puerto Banus you were offered a glass of champagne and some canapes. In Elite shop they had live DJ and in Gomez&Molina cocktail bar where bartender were mixing different kind of delicious cocktails.

Julia Travchenko the founder of at the cocktail party at gomez&molina store during marbella luxury weekend

2 – Cars – I really loved the two cars presented by Garnieri during Marbella Luxury Weekend. Pagani Huayra was in the center of everyone’s attention, because of the exquisite craftsmanship and also the price tag around $1.5 million. I checked the car inside out, but I guess guys can appreciate this kind of car more, although I definitely loved the colour :)

rich girl Julia Travchenko in pagani huayra at marbella luxury weekend VIP party

My personal favorite was still McLaren MP4-12C, this is the kind of car that can be driven by a blond girl like me :) watch out, guys.

rich girl Julia Travchenko in mclaren mp4-12c at marbella luxury weekend party

As you can see I couldn’t get enough of this car :)

rich girl and mclaren mp4-12c at marbella

3 – Yacht-Taxi – I have already mentioned before, that Marina Marbella offered VIP guests complementary rides by their yachts from one part of the port to the other. This saved time and was a great pleasure, because Puerto Banus is so beautiful when you are looking at it from the sea.

Julia Travchenko is taking a yacht taxi ride through puerto banus during marbella luxury weekend

4 – Bang and Olufsen Party – From all the parties during Marbella Luxury Weekend the one I liked the most was – “Black Swan” party by Bang and Olufsen.

bang and olufsen marbella luxury weekend black swan theme party

You could really feel that they thought everything through and prepared everything so that their guest could have a really good time. There were rivers of Moet & Chandon champagne, chocolate fountain with different kind of fruits, traditional Jamon and other cool stuff.

Before Marbella Luxury Weekend I haven’t even been to Bang and Olufsen store, just didn’t need anything there. So, for me it was also a good chance to check out their offer. I really loved the speaker dock for iPad and the home cinema. It was hard for me to leave the comfortable chair in home theater and go outside, it was so cozy there :) A lot of people felt the same.

bang and olufsen home movie theater

And since it was a Black Swan party, there were a lot of ballerinas in fancy costumes dancing on the entrance and taking pictures with the guests inside the store.

black swan ballerinas bang and olufsen marbella luxury weekend party

5 – Bulgari Cocktails on the Terrace – Bulgari store in Puerto Banus has a very cozy terrace on the second floor where guests could enjoy fancy looking cocktails and talk in a relaxed atmosphere.

bulgari cocktails during marbella luxury weekend party

6 – Fashion Shows – Although these were not proper fashion shows where designers present their collections, but rather local stores showing their best clothes in stock, anyway models were nice and it was definitely interesting to look at.

fashion shows on a catwalk in puerto banus marbella luxury weekend party

7 – Ferragamo Artisan From Florence – Ferragamo attracted attention to their store not only by offering champagne inside the store and outside in the white tent, but also by placing one of their artisans from Florence next to the entrance where people could watch him manufacturing a hand made Ferragamo shoe. The guy was speaking Italian and luckily there was a lady who knew Italian and she could translate everything in the process. It was very interesting.

ferragamo hand made shoe maker puerto banus marbella luxury weekend party

8 – Cartier Snake Necklace – The jewelry piece of the entire Marbella Luxury Weekend was definitely Cartier Necklace which once belonged to Mexican actress Maria Felix. The necklace is made of platinum and white gold, and set with 178.21 diamond carats with 2,473 diamonds in total. When I saw this necklace I had mixed feelings. One was – Wow! This is so huge and so many diamonds! And the other was – Damn, it must be heavy and where will you go with all those diamonds? But anyway it was really breathtaking and worth to look at along with other exquisite jewelry by Cartier.

cartier maria felix white gold and platinum snake necklace marbella luxury weekend party

9 – VIP Areas – I was already telling you about two VIP areas especially created for the Marbella Luxury Weekend in Puerto Banus. These areas made Puerto Banus look even more glamorous and exclusive, a very hard task, considering that the port is too beautiful on it’s own.

east vip area of marbella luxury weekend carpa de levante

10 – River Of Champagne – Well, as I am a great champagne lover, for me Marbella Luxury Weekend was really a treat. Almost every store made sure they have Mumm Cordon Rouge or Moet & Chandon chilled and ready to be served. I was dizzy and happy all the time, maybe champagne is the reason I so liked the above mentioned 9 things :)

moet chandon champagne on marbella luxury weekend party

So, Marbella Luxury Weekend was an amazing event and I am really looking forward for the one next year. I am sure it will be even more luxurious,, glamorous and fun. To spice it up a little more and add more buzz I would definitely attract some world famous celebrities next year. I am sure they would love Marbella!

black swan bang and olufsen marbella luxury weekend party

Now I feel like I have said everything I wanted :) As the Summer season unfolds here in Marbella, I am looking forward to a lot of other cool events to tell you about, rich girls! Stay tuned or better still come and see it with your own eyes!


Rich Girl

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