More and more girls try their luck at the poker tables and even catch up with boys, but still somehow women are not taken seriously by men. In this amazing guest post submitted to Rich Girls Club by Sarah, you can learn how to use this underestimation to your advantage. Good luck. Yours, Rich Girl.

Gambling is one of the biggest social ‘boys clubs’ around. It’s a world dominated by men, designed by men to entertain other men. If you think of the style of entertainment in Vegas you’ll probably realize that most of it isn’t exactly catered to women. Typically women are kept away from a lot of the big action, the competitive gambling and high stakes tables and are often sequestered to the slot machines, the dry hump of the casino world. Well, why not use that to your advantage? Stop sitting at your computer waiting to play free roulette and start being one of the rich girls by doing what every other gambler has to do: playing their advantage.

It’s true: men don’t take women seriously at the tables. While this might get your feminism drive geared up it’s important to member that this, if utilized properly, can be a gigantic advantage over the dismissive nature of male players. Chances are unless you’re Annie Duke most men aren’t going to perceive you as the threat you can be at the poker table. Knowing this is the case it can be startling advantageous to play up the appearance of naivety if you’re not playing in any serious capacity. Getting another player to drop their guard will usually have them make poor plays. When it comes to poker this usually means they will go in with weaker hands, and be less willing to bet heavily when they have stronger hands against you. They’ll also kick into something of a teaching mode, telegraphing their tells a lot more vividly, allowing you to make the proper calls seemingly by luck. It probably doesn’t hurt to giggle a little incredulously and seem surprised when you rake in your winning pot. ‘Are these cards any good? O, I won? I can’t believe it.’ Well, believe it, you’re now a card shark.

couple playing roulette at casino

The truth is when you factor in online play that there are a lot more female gamblers than male gamblers. The sides have started to shift a little, but even still women are improving their game. Which, from an evolutionary standpoint means that men will adapt to the usual tricks and we’ll have to counter adapt to stay ahead of the curve. This is known as the Red Queen’s Hypothesis (which I find to be a particularly fitting image in this example), named after the line from Lewis Carroll’s Though the Looking-Glass in which the red queen states “It takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place.” The further women push in the further men will adapt, especially in a world where their bankrolls are dependent on their acuity. So, how do we stay ahead?

sexy girl playing poker at casino

Well, you tried playing weak. It might have worked a few times, but other times people saw right through you. So, how about the other side of the coin? Playing strong. Coming off as aggressive and assertive, and playing in the manner of a gambler several times your actual skill level. What this comes down to is sheer confidence. If you exude the sense that you’re an experienced gambler than intimidation becomes a very easily reached goal. What is scarier than a woman kicking a man’s ass up and down the poker table? And if you can get a good strong start they’ll play scared for the rest of the game, meaning you can control the action and get deeper in their heads. This requires a lot more effort and you will have to know a little about the game you’re playing. But, as they always say “dress for the job you want, not the job you have.”

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