I have finally found the necklace of my dreams (thanks to RobbReport).

I think this one will love each and every Rich Girl, who loves diamonds, because it is amazing. The unique feature of this necklace is that it is made of 111 diamonds each in a different shape, color and size. And above all it features some rare specimens such as a chameleon diamond that changes color in different light, and bright orange, green, and blue stones. Jewelry designer Sharon Khazzam spent a few years amassing the unusual fancy colored diamonds for this necklace. “It’s feminine with a sense of whimsy,” says the New York-based artist.

I don’t want to talk about the cost of this precious thing, because to my mind it is priceless. Just imagine you can wear all possible diamonds on your neck. I guess it is a wonderful feeling.

Guys, I just gave you a great idea for the St. Valentine’s Day present ;)

Rich Girl