The weather is starting to get better and better every day here in Marbella and all I want to do is go out and enjoy the sun. I think Spring is the best time of the year here in Costa del Sol, because it is sunny, warm and not as extremely hot as it is in Summer, when you just can’t do anything other than sit in the places with good air conditioning.

I continue exploring my neighborhood with my precious companion – laptop :) Today we decided that we want to sit close to the Sea with amazing views, eat good pizza and drink coffee with milk. I had my wireless Internet with me, so I was not looking for a place with wifi, just good terrace with the Sea view, away from the cars and people (damn, I am starting to be antisocial).

I was walking down the Paseo Maritimo de Benabola and right on the corner I have found the perfect place called – Belvedere Pizzeria.

pizzeria belvedere puerto banus marbella spain costa del sol

The terrace looked comfortable and modern with breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea.

pizzeria belvedere puerto banus marbella spain terrace

At first I just wanted to drink coffee and enjoy the view, watching small yachts and boats going out or entering the marina.

pizzeria belvedere puerto banus marbella spain

But after sitting in a total “Zen” mode for what felt like hours, I started to feel hungry and ordered pizza. Yes, I know this is not healthy and I was supposed to be on a diet. But I have an excuse, pizzas is Belvedere’s specialty and they cook them in a wooden-oven.

pizzeria belvedere puerto banus laptom sea view

Pizza was amazing, I had no intention to eat the whole pizza by myself, but I haven’t actually noticed how my plate got empty so quickly. I blame it on the birds, they ate it all :)

On my way back home, I made a picture of the interior of Belvedere Pizzeria. Although, I doubt that anyone will want to sit inside on a sunny day, it still looks stylish. What do you think?

pizzeria belvedere puerto banus interior

I really enjoyed my time, spent in Belvedere, it is a great place to go and drink a glass of something, especially now, when the weather is so magnificent! By the way, here is weather forecast for the next couple of days. Sunny!

marbella puerto banus weather forecast

What is the weather like in your city at the moment?


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