Hey, hey, girls! Have you already heard about the latest addition to the Ritz-Carlton hotel chain – The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong?! The hotel opened in the end of March this year and is the world’s “highest” hotel at the moment, located at the very top of the International Commerce Centre (ICC) in Hong Kong, occupying floors 102 to 118. I haven’t been there yet, but those who visited this hotel were raving about the magnificent and absolutely breathtaking views of Victoria Harbour and the iconic Hong Kong skyline as well as absolutely fantastic service and key amenities at the hotel.

Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong New highest Hotel

I think that we, girls, will love this hotel for several reasons:

First reason – the SPA

At the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong hotel they have SPA by ESPA – which is my absolute favorite SPA in the world! Although, the best location for the SPA to my mind is somewhere outside on a secluded island or a beach, where you can enjoy the fresh air, the sound of the waves breaking on the shore and twittering of exotic birds, the ESPA at the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong offers something more unique – SPA at the 16,000 feet above the ground with floor-to-ceiling windows! Have you ever been to the SPA on the 116th floor with panoramic views before?!

Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong Hotel panoramic view harbour victoria

Second reason – Chocolate Lounge

Us, girls, we love chocolate! And, yes, we are on a constant diets and blah, blah, blah. But I haven’t seen a girl in my life who would refuse a delicious chocolate or exquisite desert at least once in while. And at the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong there is a chocolate-themed lounge named The Chocolate Library on the 103rd floor and a stylish patisserie located on the 9th floor as well as three restaurants on the 102nd floor.

Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong New Hotel

Third reason – Shopping

Shopping is the main reason of all my travels, just kidding (not really!). The one million square foot Elements shopping mall in the podium of the International Commerce Centre offers some of the finest shopping in Hong Kong with luxury brand names.

Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong New Hotel

These are the main reasons why I already know that I will love the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong hotel, but of course there are a lot more things this amazing hotel has to offer. Like the largest ballrooms in the city at 10,000 sqft., elaborately decorated with a sea of crystal chandeliers. The décor of the Diamond Ballroom will be perfect for weddings, meetings and gala events.

And the comfortable rooms with amazing views will guarantee you will wake up happy and ready for an exciting day ahead of you.

Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong New Hotel

At the end of the successful and adventurous day there is nothing better than a refreshing drink in a bar, right? :)

Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong New Hotel

I really loved this hotel and the pictures! But if you want to get the better idea and feeling, I suggest you to watch this video:

ritz-carlton video about Hong Kong highest hotel

After writing about this amazing hotel and viewing all these pictures, I have realized that it is time for me to travel to Hong Kong. What about you, girls? Have you been to Hong Kong before?

Have a great day!


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