This week’s IFB Project #85 – Where do you blog? Inspired me to dig out a little story from my life which I wrote a while back. I still can’t believe how lucky I am to be able to blog from any place I choose. And although now I have a great home office, I still sometimes like to go out and write like a “wild blogger”. So, here is the blog post I wrote one day:

A couple of years ago me and my friend were dreaming of quitting our job (we were working at the same company at that time) and do something on our own. I remember how we were spending almost all our lunch breaks in the coffee shops, fantasizing about how our life will be wonderful when we will be traveling around the world, sitting in cafes with our laptops and updating our blogs or online projects not from the boring offices, but from the places we choose to work from.

Just a few years latter and our dreams came true! My friend now runs her own successful company from the comfort of her home, travels around the globe and is ultimately happy with her life.

I, on the other hand, don’t own a company just yet, but I have something much more special – Rich Club Girl – my source of constant joy, inspiration and pride.

You may wonder, why am I writing about it? Well, because I am now sitting in a very chic cafe in the south of Spain. My table is so close to the Mediterranean Sea, that splashes of water from the waves constantly hit my laptop (which may not be good for a laptop, but feels great). I am absolutely free, the weather is wonderful and the red wine is good. Here is the picture of my office at the moment:

freelancers office with laptop and coffee on the beach

I am writing about it, because I just want to remind myself and you, my lovely rich girls, that dreams do come true. Always! Our dream started in a cafe next to our workplace, on just a regular day of what seemed like never ending and cold winter. At that time we had no idea how it all will work out for us and change our life, all we had was clear vision of what we wanted. Now, we are both free and happy, because one of our dreams came true. I still have a lot of other amazing dreams in a pipeline. But let’s take it one dream at a time.

Don’t be afraid to dream! Don’t forget to dream! Dream Big and you will be surprised where it might take you! You will be amazed about how your life will change! You will be bewildered how happy and satisfied it will make you!

I believe in dreams! I believe in you!


Rich Girl

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