I could never imagine my life without staying connected to internet almost 24/7 and my precious laptop. But, as some of you already know my beloved laptop decided, that it is his time to go and he died. Literally, one day it just made a strange sound and refused to turn on. And all that just a couple of hours before my trip to Monaco!! I was devastated! I had no time to buy a new one, so I went on the trip just with my iphone and camera. I had so many plans on how I will take lots of pictures and share them with you almost instantly together with stories from Monaco and Nice. But I was not able to do so, because of my laptop died. I still have lots of pictures and stories, but I will be able to share them with you after I buy a new laptop, so stay tuned! :)

During my journey, I noticed that when I don’t have laptop with me, I can actually enjoy my travel more. What I did when I had my laptop with me?! I was running around new cities looking for the cafes with free wifi connection. Now, I was choosing places based on menu and the interior, not wifi.

I also noticed that without laptop I can enjoy new places, without spending time on writing down my thoughts or answering emails. When I came back from Monaco I didn’t rush to a store to buy new laptop, I decided to give myself some time to see what my life will be without this “precious friend of mine”. And you know what, two weeks passed since I don’t have a computer and I still survived. What I discovered during this time:

1) There are so many books I wanted to read, but always had no time – now I can focus on reading.

2) I have so much more time for myself now. When I am browsing the internet I can’t notice where my time disappears.

3) I go out more and move arround more than I used to.

4) I can concentrate more on my feelings and thoughts instead of escaping to face the truth in the internet. (And I must say, that truth is not always pleasant. For example, I realized that I am such a lazy person!)

5) My eyes don’t hurt and my back is feeling fine.

6) While I was absent from the cyber space nothing major happened, my friends still love me and remember me.

7) It is valuable to realize that you can survive in every condition. And that you don’t need to cling to people and things. If something happens, it happens for a reason. In my case I discovered a whole new world. And it is rich with emotions and adventures.

So, I was glad to discover that there is life without internet and laptop, but I don’t say that you need to through these things away. I will buy a laptop anyway in the nearest future, because it gives me access to valuable information and helps me talk to you, my lovely Rich Girls. It was nice to have a brake though!

All I wanted to say, is that life is so much more than good internet connection and that I am not gone, I am just enjoying my life as always.

Would love to hear your views on the subject ;) have you tried to live without your computer for a week? What was the longest period without computer and internet access?


Rich Girl

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