I am in Monaco at the moment for the major event of the year in yachting industry – Monaco Yacht Show 2010. It seems that everyone is going to be here: to see the boats or to boast with one! This will be also a great opportunity to introduce brand new luxurious yachts and boats to the world!
The show is going to be from 22-25 of September and there going to be a lot of interesting events and of course upscale parties!! The weather is just perfect, rich girls and guys are all around me and I am so excited about the upcoming days of the show in the most luxurious place in the world!!
Anyway, I am going to be here, will take lots of pictures and report on everything I will come accross. My laptop broke just before the show, so my precious iPhone is saving the situation! I will not be able to upload pictures at the moment, so wait for them till I get back home and buy new laptop, damn!! :)
Stay tuned to updates from your trusty reporter here in luxurious Monaco!! By the way, if you want me to visit and write about something in particular, please leave your requests in the comments below! And while I am here I will make sure to visit and write about the things you want to know.


Rich Girl

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