Halloween is just around the corner and I love dressing up during this holiday, but I still don’t have a costume!! What about you, rich girls?! Have you decided who are you going to be during this fun night?!
Thank God for internet and online shopping with delivery almost on the same day. To tell you the truth I had no idea what costume I want to wear before I started searching the Internet. The only thing I wanted to make sure was that the costume is original (not another playboy bunny, sexy kitten or a witch) and the costume needs to explain itself. I don’t want people coming up to me on the party and asking stupid question like: “Who are you pretending to be?” I want it to be clear just from the look at me and the costume. And the last thing it needs to be of a good quality.
So, I started my search based on the above mentioned criteria and, OMG!! there are so many amazing costumes out there! I still haven’t decided on the one, but I collected some of my favorites in this post, so maybe you can help me to pick one?! Just leave a comment below indicating the one costume that you think I should wear during Halloween 2010 party!
Below are the most interesting costumes I could find. You are welcome to click on the image in case you want to get more details about the costume and see more pictures.
One of the first costumes, which I like is Fantasy butterfly. I loved this costume because it is very feminine, sexy and everyone will understand who you are.

Fantasy Butterfly Adult Womens Costume

click the image to enlarge

The next costume I find interesting is Avatar Neytiri costume. It seems that every person on this Planet have seen “Avatar” movie, some even more than once. It is a worldwide hit! So, you will not have trouble explaining who you are, the only problem I find in this costume is that you need to have a flawless body. Otherwise you can end up being a joke of the night. Well, at least you will grab everyone’s attention. The other problem could be since the “Avatar” is such a hit, you can have other people on the party using the same theme.

Avatar Neytiri Adult Costume

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The other costume I like, but afraid that will be used by a lot of girls this year is the idea to dress like Lady Gaga. She is the major sensation, her latest meat costume still amazes masses. I just wonder what is she going to wear on Halloween herself?

Lady Gaga Black Sequin Dress Adult Costume

click the image to enlarge

Really cute and to my mind interesting costume is Heatbreaker Guitar. Again there will be no need to explain people who you are and I am sure you will be unique on every party. I don’t think that there will be a lot of girls out there who will think to be a guitar on a halloween, unless they are reading this post and think it’s a good idea. Also, this costume is kind of sexy!

Heatbreaker Guitar Ensemble Adult Costume

click the image to enlarge

Ok, now there are some costumes which are super HOT! And on the plus side you will be able to wear these not only on Halloween, but also when you are alone with your special someone. There is no need in my comments to these costumes.

Nautical doll

Nautical Doll Adult Womens Plus Size Costume

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Sexy Cabbie

Sexy Cabbie Adult Costume

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Red Hot Pirate Wench

Red Hot Pirate Wench Adult Costume

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If you are not comfortable to wear such explicit costumes in public (you can still buy them to wear at home during your games), I suggest you wear one of the following two costumes Queen of Nile or Statue of Liberty.
Queen of Nile is a very elegant and deluxe costume, the most expensive in my list. I, personally, like it very much. I think that Victoria Beckham would look amazing it this costume.

Theatrical Quality Deluxe Queen of Nile Adult Women's Costume

click the image to enlarge

And Statue of Liberty is the simplest costume so far, but still elegant and great choice for those girls who wear plus sizes. The idea is not new, but I doubt that there will be a lot of girls dressed as Statue of Liberty. The only downside of this costume is that both of your hands will be full and it will be hard to grab a dring or food.

Statue of Liberty Women's Costume

click the image to enlarge

If you have a boyfriend and you are confident enough to allow him grab every girl’s attention at the party, then the best costume I could find is Genie in a Lamp!! This is sooooo cool!! I would definetely bought this costume, if I were a guy. Maybe it is a little bit inconveniet to walk in this costume, but your partner will be the man of the day, for sure!

Genie in A Lamp Adult Costume

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For those girls who have small children, I found cute little Precious Poodle costume. This is so sweet, your child will earn you a lot of sweets during treat or treating in this costume.

Precious Pink Poodle Baby Costume

click the image to enlarge

Even your dog needs a costume for Halloween, so I would go for this Wonder Woman pet costume. I think it’s cute with tiny legs and arms :)

Wonder Woman Pet Costume

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Well, here is my list of great costumes for Halloween! Looking at these costumes I just can’t wait for the party to begin. In case you want to see even more costumes, I suggest you visit SpiritHalloween.com. You will get 20% Off Any Item At SpiritHalloween.com! Just use Coupon Code: SPAF20 which Expires 10/28/10

Have an amazing Halloween party this year!!


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