I love America and once even celebrated 4th of July there! That night turned out to be not so festive as I expected, but changed a lot in my life. So, I have really fond memories of this country and I am always happy to come back to the USA and spend time there.

The best shopping, the best entertainment and the best service is in America! I love this country and I celebrate the 4th of July with you!

Here is the look I would wear if I were in USA now (and if I lost like tons of weight to feel confident in shorts :) ):

independence day look for a bbq party in the garden 4th of july


DSQUARED2 Sleeveless Tank

Marc Jacobs Leather Shoulder Bag

Miu Miu Glitter Sneakers

Destin "Ella" Scarf

Jewelry by Emilio Pucci

What are your plans for today, my dear rich girls? Where will you go to see fireworks?


Rich Girl

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