If you’ve recently undergone breast augmentation surgery, you may be struggling to find the right lingerie for your new assets. Finding the proper support after augmentation can be a difficult task and one that, if not done properly, may leave you with back and shoulder pain and even a saggy-looking chest!

Now that you have a new body, remember that you have to think differently about how you shop for clothing, and especially bras. So, consider these helpful tips before your first lingerie shopping expedition.

1. Wait Until Swelling Has Subsided

Wait until swelling has subsided before making any major investments in lingerie. Surgical swelling can last for months and of course, you’ll need to have the proper support to get you through the healing process but be sure to refrain from any expensive purchases until you know what your proper size will be long-term.

Discuss this with your doctor throughout your follow-up appointments so that you understand what your amount of swelling is and how much you can expect to reduce in size as you heal.

2. Seek Professional Measurement

Always get professionally measured. Even though you and your doctor discussed what size you (ideally) wanted to be after your surgery, breast implants do not come in cup sizes and you may not be the exact measurements that you and doctor had planned, even after swelling has subsided.

Have a professional measure you and also make some bra style recommendations for you.

3. Try Different Styles

Be sure to try on styles that you may not have previously considered. For example, depending on the placement and firmness of your breast implants, you may no longer need to shop for underwire bras and may be able to find the proper support in an unstructured or sport-styled bra instead.

Conversely, you may not have previously been able to wear a strapless or convertible bra which you are now able to support. Have fun and try on all different shapes and styles!

4. Consider the Material

Some bras are not structured well for implant placement and may bunch at the nipple area or fit improperly. If you find this to be an issue in your search, try a Lycra or Shapewear bra which is made from a stretchy material that is said to better conform to any breast shape.

5. Beware of Straps

Remember that your bra straps should not be the primary support for your breasts and that support should be evenly distributed between the straps and the band of the bra. If the straps are digging into your shoulders or are uncomfortable, try loosening them or try a different bra.

Author’s Bio: Catrina Porter is a freelance writer who has had many friends undergo breast augmentation surgery, and has even considered it herself. She’s been on the post-surgery shopping trips for bras and she knows how difficult it can be to find something that works for you!

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