Anyone who know me pretty well will tell you that I am such a sweet tooth. It is killing my looks and my perfect teeth, but I can’t help it. I love any kind of deserts, cakes, macarons, pastries, candies, ice-cream and cupcakes. My experience in tasting all kinds of sweet food have made me an expert – very picky and hard to please. So, when I needed to decide on what kind of cake and where to order it for my birthday I conducted quite a research.

I wanted something special, which would “wow” my guests, so I decided on colourful cupcakes. There are a few companies here on the Costa del Sol specializing on cupcakes, but after approaching them all I made up my mind to order from CakeMarbella (Update: year 2015 – not sure if this company still exists now, as the website doesn’t work anymore). And not because I tried their cupcakes, but because of the exceptional service and friendly approach I experienced.

marbella cupcakes to order cake marbella

In the end I have ordered 36 cupcakes of three different flavours – red velvet, chocolate and carrot cake, and colours – pink, yellow and white. They looked absolutely fabulous in the basket, but when I displayed them on the tower – it became the main attraction of the evening. And the little ones adored them.

kid loves cupcakes birthday

I was absolutely satisfied with cupcakes and the effect they made on my guests. Not only they tasted really delicious, on the next day my friends were calling me asking if there were still something left from the party, but they also looked fantastic, especially the ones with custom made little stars, which I ordered on purpose, ’cause I am a Star :) jk.

candles candle lit cupcakes

If you live on the Costa del Sol and you plan to have any kind of party, I would recommend you to order cupcakes and the more the better. :)

Now, I want to have another party! :)


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