I have just returned from my trip to French Riviera where I was lucky to spend one week on Antibes Yacht Show 2011.

Antibes Yacht Show is the first major yacht show of the season and is held in the port of Vauban, which is the largest port in Europe and this year there were 36 superyachts on display. This was my first time on the Antibes Yacht Show and I loved it. The show was wonderful, very well organized, a lot of amazing yachts and boats to look at as well as impressive list of participating companies.

antibes yacht show 2011

For me this show was all about champagne and rose wine and after parties. Well, life is beautiful when you are in the yachting industry. My days started and ended with champagne with hors d’œuvre in different places through out the show and I can’t say I didn’t like it. Although, after consuming so much of wine I was just drinking water in a plane on my way back home.

antibes yacht show red carpet

So, going to yacht shows is always so much fun, you meet interesting people whether it is the owner of the yacht or it’s captain. Oh, this reminds me that I still haven’t told you about my trip to Monaco Boat Show 2010, where I bumped into mister Abramovich. Please remind me to tell you about Monaco next time, I have some really interesting and intriguing memories to share.

antibes yacht show 2011 boat and captain

I have met some nice and interesting people during Antibes Yacht Show 2011 as well. For, example, Maik van Zoggel the director of the Dutch company – YachtsXL. The company makes amazing videos of yachts, boats and everything which falls into this category. Good quality videos of a yacht is a great way of advertising it for potential buyers or people interested in charter.

antibes yacht show 2011 party on yachtsxl stand

I have spent some time on the YachtsXL stand, talked to a lot of interesting people, laughed, enjoyed some sushi and great rose wine. Guys at YachtsXL are very friendly and professional, so the next time you will need a video of your yacht or company contact them first. They are great! :)

antibes yacht show 2011 party on yachtsxl stand

The other stand I want to point out from the Antibes Yacht Show 2011 is the one by Corkers Fine Wines & Provisions. The guys on the stand were very generous, they offered numerous tastings for their exquisite white and rose wines as well as provided some other stands with free bottles. This company is a specialist supplier to the yachting industry with over 30 years experience, has extensive range of world class wines and highly competitive prices.

antibes yacht show corkers wine

Every evening there was live music and drinks at a “Crew Lounge”, organized by the Bluewater. This lounge was packed with people every evening and was a great place to make new contacts in a relaxed atmosphere.

antibes yacht show bluewater crew lounge

One of the most busiest stands during the show was Dovaston Crew – a world leader in the placement of professional crew. Dovaston Crew has office in Antibes and one night they organized drinks there.

antibes yacht show 2011 party dovaston crew

So many people wanted to come for a drink, that they couldn’t even fit inside. Thankfully the weather was amazing and there was a happy crowd outside the office.

antibes yacht show rich girl dovaston crew party

The other busy stand was Lloyds TSB International, very friendly team of professionals was helping crew members to open their offshore international bank accounts.

There were also other parties, like barbeque for the crew, cocktail party for the exhibitors, Captains’ Dinner and other. As I told you, it was really hard to stay focused and sober :)

If you ask me what yacht did I like the most during my time on the show, I would definitely say – Dilbar! It looks just the way I want my yacht to look one day. I haven’t been inside that yacht yet, because the yacht was not among the show participants, but I bet it is as grand inside as it looks from the outside.

antibes yacht show dilbar superyacht rich girl

So, Antibes Yacht Show 2011 was an amazing event, time flied so fast. At first, when I was just going there I thought what am I going to do for almost a week on a show, but it turned out that every day was filled with different and exciting things to do and people to meet.

The last thing I want to tell you, rich girls, about Yacht Shows is that yachting industry is a man’s world. And it means that if you are still single and planning to find the man of your dreams preferably with the yacht, you need to hurry up and order tickets to the upcoming Monaco Yacht Show 2011 which will be in the end of September. Also, if you still haven’t decided what career path to take, I would suggest you look into possibility of being a stewardess on a yacht. It’s fun, you live and eat on a yacht, you hang around cool people and you can save lots of money, because the salary is good and you can only spend it on your shopping while on shore, how cool is that?!

If you decide to try your chances as a stewardess then I suggest you turn to Bluewater for training first and after that Dovaston Crew will help you find the perfect yacht to work for.

antibes yacht show rich girl

Have you ever been to a yacht show before? What do you think about it? How you choose your next yacht for charter?

If you have any questions, I would love to hear back form you! Let’s have a conversation in the comments below.


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