Today my day started early, with painters knocking at my door at 10.00 in the morning. Argh, hate such early mornings with strangers in my house, doing something behind closed doors. Were they working there or just chilling?! Well, I guess they did something there, because after they left my apartment smelled like toxic waste. I couldn’t work in such conditions, so I decided to go out. Luckily the weather in Marbella is perfect now, it is warm and sunny, tourists are already wearing shorts and flip-flops, I wonder if they swim in the sea? So, it is almost a shame to sit at home, especially if you are not forced to spend certain hours in an office.

My mission for today was:

1 – do some shopping to lift my spirits after intrusion
2 – find cozy place, preferably with wifi, to work

Going shopping in Puerto Banus is a pleasure, because you can find almost any shop you want, except Chanel, here. And if you haven’t found what you need in boutiques around the marina, you can always head to El Courte Ingles, where you definitely find what you were looking for. So, shopping is fun here, the problem is to find a cozy cafe in Puerto Banus. We don’t have Starbucks, Costa Coffee or even something similar here. You can find a lot of expensive or affordable restaurants, sport bars, ice cream cafes, clubs, tasty sushi places, but what Puerto Banus is lacking in my opinion is a cozy cafe with exceptionally good coffee, relaxed atmosphere, selection of good deserts and free wifi. Place where you can go with your laptop and nobody will be annoyed of you occupying a table for a couple of hours with one coffee.

So, today I was searching for the perfect place to have a drink and have some undisturbed quality time with my laptop. And I found it on the front line in Puerto Banus, place called Babilonia. This bar have just been renovated. Now it is the latest stylish and yet cozy addition to the Linekers Group chain. Babilonia bar is a perfect place for lounging on the comfortable couches, watching marina and passer-by’s while sipping cocktails with friends and getting in the right mood for the party night.

babilonia bar puerto banus first line front line

They have very good cocktails and wifi in Babilonia, so today I have spent amazing few hours there and I will be back, for sure.

babilonia bar puerto banus first line front line

I hate taking pictures with my laptop camera, but today I was in a good mood (or just the cocktails kicked in), and here I am saying “Hi!” from Babilonia Bar Puerto Banus :)

babilonia bar puerto banus first line front line

I loved it in Babilonia and would definitely recommend this place. But still it is a bar, not a cafe, so if you know a nice coffee shop in Puerto Banus area, I would love to know about it and check it out while it is not that hot outside for coffee.

Come to Puerto Banus and have a good time!


Rich Girl

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