This year I made a resolution to read more and not only romantic novels. So, the most interesting topic for me at the moment is the marketing and creating of a luxury brand. That is why the main subject of the books I want to read this year is luxury. I am actually very surprised that I haven’t done it before?! I mean, I read a lot of luxury magazines and blogs, but I have never thought of reading the actual book on the subject. Anyway, better late than never, right? So, here is my list of books I can’t wait to read this year!

selection of best books about luxury

1. The Luxury Strategy: Break the Rules of Marketing to Build Luxury Brands

The first book on my list is the work by luxury experts Jean-Noel Kapferer and Vincent Bastien, called “The Luxury Strategy: Break the Rules of Marketing to Build Luxury Brands”. This book analyzes in depth the essence of luxury and provides very insightful information which will help effectively manage luxury brands and companies at the highest level. It also includes information about digital strategy, globalisation and sustainable development. According to the book description and great reviews, this is exactly the book I am looking for! Can’t wait to read it.

cover of the book about luxury strategy

2. Luxury Brand Management: A World of Privilege

The next equally interesting and useful book is “Luxury Brand Management: A World of Privilege” by two renowned insiders Michel Chevalier and Gerald Mazzalovo. This book on luxury brand management looks at the world of branding today. The book examines more than 450 internationally known brands from a wide range of industries, providing a great insights and real-life examples. I am really looking forward to read this book, it sounds very useful as it combines theory and practice. I think this is the kind of material Marketing professionals are required to read for their studies.

luxury brand management

3. Luxury Talent Management: Leading and Managing a Luxury Brand

If you are planning to work in a luxury industry, then you need to know what is expected from the ideal candidate. What kind of challenges you will have to face and what it will take you to succeed in this specific but very exciting industry. “Luxury Talent Management: Leading and Managing a Luxury Brand” will not only provide you with this valuable information, but also give real life examples and case studies that allow you understand what are the key requirements to work in the luxury industry. This book will be also valuable for luxury brand executives as it also explores the leadership challenges that this industry now faces. Sounds like a very great book to me!

great luxury talent book

4. Luxury Retail Management: How the World’s Top Brands Provide Quality Product and Service Support

“Luxury Retail Management: How the World’s Top Brands Provide Quality Product and Service Support” will show you the way into the glamorous world of luxury retail. Explaining everything that is necessary to manage luxury stores, from the analysis of location and design concept, to the selection, training, and motivation of the staff. This book promises to cover everything you need to know in order to enter, expand, understand, and succeed in the world of luxury retail. Sounds promising, isn’t it? And even if I am not planning to open the actual store at the near future, I think it is something worth learning about.

great book to read about luxury retail

5. Luxury Online: Styles, Systems, Strategies

This sounds like a very interesting read for everyone who wants to build luxury business online: “Luxury Online: Styles, Systems, Strategies”. The author of this book – Uché Okonkwo, is renowned pioneer luxury business strategists. A true veteran of the luxury industry, she has closely collaborated with luxury companies including Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Cartier, Fabergé, Christian Dior, Burberry, Tiffany’s, Rémy Martin, Boucheron, Oscar de La Renta among many others. I think it could be a great book to read, the only thing that scares me is that it was published in 2010 and might be already out-dated.

online strategy for luxury industry

6. The Lure of Luxe: Climbing the Luxury Consumption Pyramid

This book sounds both an educational and enjoyable read. Written by a former public relations and marketing executive, Jordan Phillips. “The Lure of Luxe: Climbing the Luxury Consumption Pyramid” – a must-read book for anyone working in the fashion or luxury industries. Have you read it already?

great book to read on a subject of luxury fashion

7. Luxury Marketing & Management

One more comprehensive publication about luxury. “Luxury Marketing & Management” promises to be a very good investment for managers as well as enlightening book for consumers of luxury items around the globe.

luxury marketing and management

8. Global Luxury Trends: Innovative Strategies for Emerging Markets

What trends in luxury market to expect in the future? How customers from China, Russia, India and Brazil are shaping the industry? “Global Luxury Trends: Innovative Strategies for Emerging Markets” charts the trends that are shaping the luxury industry, particularly the rise of the luxury industry in Asia and emerging markets.

global luxury trends

9. The Hermes Scarf: History & Mystique

The list of educational material about luxury wouldn’t be complete without Hermes scarves. The Hermes scarf is a style icon, the stuff of legend! Since the first scarf made its debut in 1937, the House of Hermes has produced more than two thousand different designs. “The Hermes Scarf: History & Mystique” is a sumptuous selection of Hermes scarves chosen from seven decades of creative innovation. Sounds like a very interesting and visually inspiring book.

book about hermes scarves

10. The Art Book: New Edition

It was very hard to pick the last book to the list. But still out of all interesting and valuable works on the subject of luxury and luxury lifestyle, I picked this: “The Art Book: New Edition”. I think that my list would not be complete without a great collection of artists and their works. This book sounds ideal for newcomers to art like me but hopefully will also be enjoyable for almost anyone interested in art. Great as a gift or to keep on your coffee table.

the art book cover

So, this is my selection of 10 best books to read about luxury. I haven’t yet decided with which book to start, I guess with the ones I could find on iBooks. I am already very excited and will try to give my honest feedback on each of these books as soon as I finish reading. I will be traveling a lot starting next week, so these books will definitely make me a good company.

What do you think about my luxury related list of books? Have you read any on this list? Maybe you can suggest me a good book which is not on the list? As always, looking forward to your opinion and suggestions.


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