What is so special about Hermes scarves?

Why so many girls from all around the world go crazy about them? Why royalty such as Queen Elizabeth II and Grace Kelly and celebrities: Sarah Jessica Parker, Hillary Clinton, Mariah Carey, Elle McPherson, Madonna, Oprah Winfrey to name just a few wear them? Why simple square of silk costs around $400 per piece?

I asked myself these questions for a long time and after browsing the Internet, checking out a lot of Hermes scarf designs, I finally know the answers.

Hermes scarves are the most popular product of the brand. Scarves are made with pure silk of the highest quality, and the color is not printed on by a machine but the silk is screened by an actual human being, hand-printed by Hermes professionals who have to apply up to forty three silk screens to achieve the effect. One screen is for one color of the scarf. The motives on the scarves are so unique and beautiful, that some people collect Hermes scarves and even frame them and put on walls like pieces of art.

Hermes now sells a scarf, whose fabric is designed to leave a scent on the skin when wearing. The fragrance is supposed to fade not before at least five washings of the scarf. How cool is that?! You can actually save money on perfume :) just kidding.

Since the first scarf made its debut in 1937, the House of Hermès has produced more than two thousand different designs and the sales are growing each year! Two scarf collections are released every year, along with reprints of older designs and limited editions.

If you want to know more about Hermes scarves, you can buy the book called The Hermes Scarf: History & Mystique. The book tells the history of Hermes scarf and reveals the technology of its production as well as shows multiple designs and ways of wearing the scarf.

By the way, just recently (update 2013) Hermes created an iTunes application called: Hermès Silk Knots – Hermès This app will show you how to tie 6 different knots using step by step videos, find out everything about the Hermès Silk, browse a selection of scarves and more. Every season there will be new series of knots added to the app. Sounds fun, right?

I hope you now also understand why the Hermès scarf is a style icon and the stuff of legend. If you need more convincing, just have a look at my amateur collage that I have made on polyvore.com with pictures of just some of my favorite Hermes scarf designs (picture is clickable):

Actually, I have my own personal story about Hermes scarf. During my first trip to Paris (which coincided with my birthday) I decided that I must visit Hermes boutique and buy my first legendary Hermes scarf from their flagship boutique on the Faubourg Saint-Honoré street. I thought it will be the experience of a lifetime for me, I thought I will enter the magical, quiet and sleepy kingdom and will be treated like a queen while choosing from the numerous amazing scarves. You can’t believe my shock and frustration, when I entered Hermes boutique. There were crowds of women screaming and shouting, almost fighting over the scarves, each holding about 5-6 pieces. There were also numerous sales people at least 15 who were all busy serving customers, running around and offering different designs. It all seemed like a crowded and screaming market, something I least expected to experience in a luxurious boutique. Of course, the boutique itself was amazing, huge and tastefully decorated, full of expensive handbags and other famous Hermes goods, but I just couldn’t expect to see such a fuss about the scarves. Now I know (thanks to Wikipedia) that during holiday season one Hermes scarf is sold every 20 seconds!! I guess I am not the only girl who wants to bring Hermes scarf as a souvenir from Paris.

I didn’t buy a scarf that time, because I didn’t want to buy something which cost around $400 in a hurry and fuss. Actually, I still haven’t got the Hermes scarf after what I have experienced.

But, I will definitely buy at least one after I conducted this research on Hermes scarves. I fell in love with the different amazing motives and who knows, maybe one day I will also become crazy collector, whose walls will be covered with the framed Hermes scarves. Who knows. One step at a time, right?! :)

What about you, girls? Do you have Hermes scarves? Do you want to have one? Please, leave your stories of Hermes scarves in the comments below :) I would love to hear from you!


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