You have probably heard the story about the fire which stroke Richard Branson’s Necker Island two years ago. When I think of it the first image that comes to mind is Kate Winslet rescuing Sir Branson’s mother. Can’t believe that two years have passed already! Anyway, enough with the sad part. The good news is that the Great House on Necker Island has been rebuilt and remodelled and now is even more exquisite than before.

richard branson necker island view from the helicopter

The new Great House offers panoramic views over Caribbean sea, Atlantic ocean and neighboring islands. The best view you can get is from the 1500 square feet Master suite. You can even enjoy the view while sipping champagne in a two-person Jacuzzi! How awesome is that?

master bedroom in great house on necker island

Necker Island is situated in the British Virgin Islands, Caribbean. At 74 acres, the island sits in turquoise waters surrounded by coral reefs and fringed with beautiful white sandy beaches. Necker island can accommodate up to 30 adults and 6 children in the Great House and six Balinese villas.

guest bedroom on necker island
guest bedroom on necker island sea view

Previous celebrity guests who enjoyed their stay on Necker island include George Michael, Michael Douglas, Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg and Prince Charles. Normally the island is rented out as a single unit for one family or group of friends, who occupy the whole place. But sometimes there is also a chance to rent it like a hotel during special Celebration weeks.

dining area in Great House on necker island

Necker island has its own Bali Leha Spa, two tennis courts, water sports and team of personal staff who can help organize and plan your sports activities.

beauty and spa area on necker island

The price when hiring Necker Island exclusively is starting with $62,000 per night for 30 adults ($2,070 per person per night), which includes your luxurious stay, all drinks (even alcoholic beverages) and food, all sports equipment including speed boats, jet-skis and fishing stuff, transfers, wireless internet and even local calypso band for one party evening! This all sounds so cool, that I just can’t wait to go there and experience it all one day. The most challenging part for me would be to collect 30 fun and pleasant enough people to spend this luxurious time with on an island, haha. Maybe Celebration week would be an even better idea.

necker island private terrace for master suite

What do you think about Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island? Would you love to go there and spend one week in these opulent surroundings? How do you like the idea of having the whole island just for yourself? Sounds fabulous, isn’t it? Please share your opinion in the comments below.


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All photos in this blog post are courtesy of Virgin Limited Edition