How is your preparation for Halloween party coming along, girls? Is everything ready? Have you decided on your costume and makeup? I am still trying to figure out just how crazy I could allow myself to be that night. Super naughty or extremely scary? So, while I am still deciding on the best look I was also looking through Halloween inspired jewelry pieces. I think that it would be such a cool idea to add some scary spider webs around my neck for Halloween, don’t you think? The great thing about Halloween themed jewelry is that you can wear it almost everyday, unlike Christmas inspired stuff. So here are some amazing jewelry pieces that I have found online and loved the most:

halloween inspired necklaces

1. Bronze Spider on Silver Webs Necklace 2. Bronze Skeleton Hand Necklace 3. Silver Chains with Bronze Skulls and Dagger Necklace

Skull jewelry pieces for Halloween party

1. Sterling Silver Skull Tassel Earrings 2. Sterling Silver and Onyx Double Skull Ring 3. Smoky Quartz Orb & Skull Sterling Earrings

Scary jewellery pieces for Halloween party

Two Fingers Cated Bat Bronze Ring Hand with Blue Eyes Bronze Bracelet Red Mouth with Green Eye Bronze Ring Green Serpent Druzy Twisted Ring

What do you think about these Halloween jewelry pieces, girls? Do you have something similar in your jewelry collection? Would you wear such skull rings or earrings in your everyday life? Please share your opinion in the comments below.


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