Those of you who have been reading RichClubGirl for a while now should know how much I love Michael Kors brand. I love everything about it – handbags, shoes, accessories, sunglasses, dresses and, of course, Michael Kors’ smile. So, when I was in Paris in the middle of March this year, I couldn’t resist the temptation to visit Michael Kors’ brand new store on my favorite street – 279 rue Saint-Honoré.

The store just opened on the 7th of March, a week before I was there. Michael Kors himself was present at the launch of his spanking new boutique, can’t believe I missed it.

michael kors paris store rue st-honore

Michael Kors 7,000 sq ft, two-stores boutique in Paris is the largest in his 175-shop chain around the world. The store features the full collection of accessories and apparel, from MICHAEL Michael Kors to KORS to Collection pieces. The store is very spacious and is decorated in luminous white, glass and mirrors, with zebra-skin rugs on the floors, and black and white blow-up photographs.

michael kors boutique paris

The moment I entered the store I didn’t want to leave, it was so bright and at the same time cozy, and everyone who worked there were so friendly and helpful. For a moment I thought I could stay there and work as a shop assistant, so that I would never have to leave this place.

michael kors store paris

I’ve spent what felt like forever trying on things and walking around the store, taking pictures and chatting to the staff. I really enjoyed my time and of course didn’t leave barehanded. I have found some really cool yellow ballerina flats, which matched my trench coat just perfectly.

michael kors ballerina yellow flats flowers

I bought a handbag which is now one of my the most favorite, as well as other bits and pieces. Also, as an amazing surprise gift from the store, I received this cool bag with the signed card from Michael Kors. This bag will be very useful when I’ll start my beach season here in Marbella, Spain.

michael kors ballerina yellow flats flowers

So, I was leaving Michael Kors’ store with two huge bags and a big smile on my face. Shopping can really lift your spirits, you know!

rich girl in michael kors shop in paris

Oh, and this picture is made especially for you, girls! Just look how handsome are the guys who work at the Michael Kors’ store in Paris!

rich girl with handsome guys from michael kors store

So, girls, when you will plan your next visit to Paris, don’t forget to add Michael Kors’ boutique to your list of “Must See and Do” things, you will love it there.


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