In the beginning of October I was lucky enough to spend a few days in the south of Portugal. I was not planning to go there, but since it is only a 4 hour drive from Marbella and there was a place for me in the car, I went along.

I was in this part of Portugal briefly last year, but it was November and the weather was not very good to enjoy the beach at that time, so I didn’t even know what the beaches are like in Algarve region.

We stayed at the Tivoli Marina Portimão resort, which had enormous rooms, amazing breakfast, great location and wonderful view to the Marina of Portimão from every single room. The hotel was very good and I would recommend it, if you decide to go and stay in Portimão.

Here is a picture of me enjoying my breakfast :) I love my food :)

breakfast on the deck in portugal

This is a magnificent view from our room.

view from the room to marina of Portimao in Tivoli Marina Portimao resort

Yeah, and here is the gym with amazing view, which no one actually used. At least I haven’t seen a single person who would be using the equipment during my 3-day stay in the hotel. Which is a shame, right?

gym with the view to the marina in Tivoli Marina Portimao Resort

So, after having a breakfast I decided to go for a walk and check out the beach. I didn’t even had my bikini with me, because all I wanted to do was to see what the beach is like, then go to my room to work a little and only after that and if the water was warm enough I thought I would go for a swim. At least this was my initial plan.

portugal algarve portimao october 2011

portugal algarve portimao beach october 2011

I was glad to find out that the sand on the beach was very fine and white, the water was warm and crystal clear and the beach itself was very wide. So, I decided to go towards the huge rock or cliff which was far ahead, check it out and then go back to the hotel.

portugal algarve portimao beach

When I came closer to the cliff I thought that this was the end of the beach. I was enjoying the enormity of rocks in the water and then I noticed that there is a small hole in this cliff through which you can go to the other side. Of course I was curious enough to check what was beyond this point.

portugal algarve portimao beach

And then I came through the wall to the other side I was gobsmacked by almost surreal beauty. I couldn’t believe my eyes! I was definitely not expecting to see something so extraordinary in Europe. I thought that you need to go to Hawaii or Maldives or other exotic place to experience such magnificent nature. But yet it was here in Portugal just in front of my eyes. The rocks surrounding me were so enormous, that I felt like on a different planet, like Alice in Wonderland even. I still can’t find proper words to explain what I felt and experienced, just have a look for yourself and decide if this place is special or not.

For me it definitely felt special and I don’t need to tell you that I was walking back and forwards all day long and the next morning I came down there straight after breakfast and stayed till sunset. I felt very happy there and will be definitely coming back!

rich girl in portugal portimao beach

portugal algarve portimao Praia da Rocha

Portugal Algarve Portimao Praia da Rocha

portugal algarve portimao beach

Portugal Algarve Portimao Praia da Rocha beach

portugal algarve portimao white sandy beach

portugal algarve portimao cliff beach

And this is not the end :) please continue reading and watching to the Magical Portimao Beach in Portugal Part II

What do you think so far, rich girls? Have you been to Portimao or any other city in Algarve region of Portugal? Do you like it here? Please share your experience and thoughts in the comments below.


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