This is the Part II of my story along with the pictures taken during my recent unforgettable trip to Portugal. I’ve spent 3 amazing days on the unique and picturesque beach of Portimao, called Praia da Rocha. Portimao is a very famous resort city in Algarve region of Portugal, mainly because of the beaches.

If you are interested in the full story as well as to see a lot more pictures, please start reading from the Part I here: Magical Portimao Beach in Portugal

portimao beach cave

hole in the cave in portimao beach portugal

portugal algarve portimao rocks

portugal algarve portimao atlantic ocean

portugal algarve portimao

portugal algarve portimao october 2011

portugal algarve portimao photo of the beautiful beach

portugal algarve portimao rich girl travel destination picture

sunset in portimao beach portugal algarve regeon

sunset in atlantic ocean portugal

rich girl on the beach in portimao portugal in a bikini

First part of this article could be found here: Magical Portimao Beach in Portugal

What do you think about this magical place, rich girls? Please share your opinion in the comments below.


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