My current fashion obsession is lace. I can’t get enough, and luckily for me, it’s everywhere right now, and like a greedy little chubby kid in a candy store I’m lapping up as much as I can, but have yet to go for full, lace cocktail dresses, worrying that fancy lace meant fancy price tags. I was recently invited to a fun charity ball and wanted something that wouldn’t look out of place at a Bruce Wayne party, so naturally I went online to find one of the more unusual cocktail dresses to make a splash at the event!

Naturally, the first batch of lacy cocktail dresses to greet me were vintage. Lace was predominant in the dresses of the early 16th century onwards, so there are thousands of divine vintage lace pieces on the net. I adore vintage, and fell in love with the first one I clapped eyes on, but unfortunately this was very vintage, very coveted and therefore very out of my price range! But don’t worry – vintage doesn’t have to mean expensive – I stumbled across many a website offering gorgeous dresses for cut-prices, and managed to bag one for just $15! I steered clear of white or ivory purely because A. I didn’t want to look like a little lost bride and B. My penchant for red wine plus my clumsiness equals fiasco!

vintage lace nude dress

Whenever you need to look for a fancy little cocktail number, take my advice: Cocktail dresses don’t need to come in the form of the LBD, go for a bit of a risk like lace and you’ll definitely thank me for it!

blue skirt with lace details

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