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There is little doubt that traveling by private jet is the ultimate status symbol of wealth. However, even if you are not yet in the position to own your own private plane, that does not mean you cannot have the experience! Thanks to private jet charter flights, it is possible to rent a private plane when required. It may not be quiet the same as owning your own private aircraft, but does that really matter? Let’s compare the advantages of choosing charter over ownership when it comes to private jets.

What You Need To Know About Ownership

If you are considering purchasing a private jet, then there are a number of things that you really need to know. First of all, the cost of purchasing the jet itself is not the end of your expenses. Even after sending anywhere between $3 million and $50 million on the aircraft, you still need to think about where to keep it. That probably means renting a hangar at the local airport. Next you need a highly qualified crew on standby for whenever you wish to travel. You will be subject to certain taxes and of course continuing maintenance costs.

You will have racked up a small fortune before you ever take off! Then once you do take off you will have fuel costs and a myriad of other expenses. Not only is owning your own private jet expense, but unless you are also going to hire someone to manage it then it can also be downright time consuming! So before taking the plunge, take some time to consider another option.

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The Advantages of Using Private Charters

Instead of buying a private jet of your own, you might want to consider retaining the services of a local charter provider. That way you can book travel when required and get all of the luxury of flying a private jet without the additional expenses or worries of owning your own aircraft! There are lots of advantages that are associated with this option.

Flying aboard a private aircraft is miles above flying first class on a commercial flight. If you are traveling for pleasure then you will find that your vacation begins the moment you reach the airfield! No check in issues, no waiting in line and no sticking to someone else’s schedule.

On board any luxury aircraft you and your passengers are served by your in-flight concierge who will tend to your every need. This can include in-flight catering, drinks service and even booking ground transport to be waiting on the tarmac on your arrival at the destination. It is complete relaxation from the get go.

You will also find that you are much more comfortable and have plenty of space to move around. On longer journeys you may also find bedrooms on a private jet – with real beds, not lie flat airline seats. Think comfort. Think style.

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Impressive Business Travel

When using a charter flight like this for business travel there are also lots of benefits. If traveling alone you can not only fit flights in to your own schedule so as to maximize the best use of your time, but thanks to the additional comfort and service you will arrive to your meeting fresh and relaxed.
If you are taking clients or potential investors on the flight with you then it presents you with a unique chance to impress them. You will come across as successful and stylish when you take them on board ‘your’ private jet where you can wine and dine them a mile above the ground.

When it comes to making the choice between buying a jet and utilizing private charter flights the main deciding factor should be cost effectiveness. Charter flights can provide you with ever single one of the same advantages that owning a private aircraft can. The only difference being that you do not own the plane. Ask yourself if it is really worth the money and the additional work that comes with ownership. The answer is probably no, which is why I would recommend getting into a good relationship with a charter flight provider instead.

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