Marbella Luxury Weekend 2013 was a great success and lots of fun! I will tell you all about this luxurious and one of the kind event in my future articles. But what I wanted to share with you at the moment is my utter excitement and joy! Not only Marbella Luxury Weekend was amazing, but it also turned out to be very lucky for me, because I won a L.K. Bennett bag! Yuuhooo!

I bet that you can’t even grasp how happy I am. And not only because I won a L.K. Bennett bag, but simply because I won! At first I couldn’t even believe my luck, since I never win anything. Never, ever. Even in the lotteries where is 100% chance of winning, I somehow manage to get chewing gums. So, of course, winning a luxurious handbag is a great deal for me.

Here is lucky and giddy me with my new handbag in L.K. Bennett boutique in El Corte Ingles Costa Marbella:

girl in lkbennett store with a leather handbag

I need to partially thank my friend Maria, who decided to have a coffee at Nespresso tent. Since L.K. Bennett was close by and I was bored, I decided to try my luck and enter their giveaway. There was a chance to win one of 10 bags on the 1st of June and I thought: “what if and why not?!”

lk bennett stand in Puerto Banus during Marbella Luxury weekend 2013

Turns out my ticket won the best and the most expensive L.K. Bennett bag out of 10! Now how would you not believe in miracles? I remember reading a book called “The Luck Factor” by Richard Wiseman, where he analyzed a lot of lottery winners and came to conclusion that in order to improve your chances of winning, you need to participate! :) As simple as that, the more giveaways you enter, the better chances of winning you have.

I am really thankful to L.K. Bennett for such a wonderful lottery idea and, of course, for a great bag.

Couldn’t think of the better way to kick start the summer 2013! Believe in miracles and pleasant surprises, rich girls! Actually, this makes me think: “Should I buy the Euromillion ticket today?” haha

What was the biggest thing that you have ever won? Do you believe in lotteries? Please share you thoughts in the comments below!


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