What to wear to the Monaco Yacht Show 2016, which will take place from 28th of September to 1st of October in the Port Hercules, is a very important question for me at the moment. Packing is not my forte, but I need to make sure that I would look my best during one week in Monaco.

Packing for Monaco Yacht Show and deciding what to wear is difficult mainly because there will be a lot of various events from business meetings during daytime to cocktail parties and even formal dinners by night. I always try to travel lightly, with maximum of two suitcases, and I plan some shopping in Monaco, so I better save space and only take the most necessary items.

What to Wear To The Monaco Yacht Show 2016

So, it was fun to plan in advance and create the list of essentials during Monaco Yacht Show. Maybe someone will also find it useful.

Clothes For Yacht Viewings and Casual Strolls Around Monaco and The Show

Cocktail dress for casual strolls around Monaco Yacht Show and the city

1. Daytime Dress

First on my list is of course dresses, that are suitable for business meetings as well as for casual walking around Monaco. I love both of these dresses, because they are not only chic and comfortable, but also will be perfectly suitable for any cocktail party event. In case I will be invited on the spot and there will not be time to get changed.

Temperley London Sleeveless Sylvia Day Dress

Buy Here: Sleeveless Sylvia Day Dress $ 1235 by Temperley London

I absolutely love this drop-waist Victoria Victoria Beckham dress, styled with a smooth bodice and flounced skirt.

A drop-waist Victoria Victoria Beckham dress

Buy Here: Draped Skirt Dress $ 790 by Victoria Victoria Beckham

2. Jumpsuit

I will pack one jumpsuit, because it is super comfortable and looks amazing. This will be amazing option for the day when I plan to visit and view some yachts.

DIANE VON FURSTENBERG jumpsuit to wear to monaco yacht show

Buy Here: Trista Printed Jumpsuit $603 by DIANE VON FURSTENBERG

Ideas for Business Meetings During Monaco Yacht Show

Style set for business meetings during Monaco Yacht Show

3. Blouse and Skirt

My most favourite combination of all times is feminine blouse with a skirt. I will probably pack two blouses and one skirt to mix and match when needed. Haven’t decided on which skirt yet. Which one do you like better?

White blouse and black leather skirt to wear to Monaco Yacht Show

Buy Here: Tie Neck Blouse $ 250 by See by Chloe; Brucie Leather Miniskirt $ 150 by BB Dakota

Victoria Victoria Beckham Printed Ruffle Tee to wear to the Monaco Yacht Show

Buy Here: Printed Ruffle Tee $ 370 by Victoria Victoria Beckham; Panelled A-Line Miniskirt $ 505 by Victoria Victoria Beckham

4. Blazer

Blazer is a must-have item of clothing during Monaco Yacht Show, because the weather can be unpredictable. If it is chilly outside, this classy blazer will compliment perfectly all of my daytime looks.

Ralph Lauren polo blazer

Buy Here: Locus cotton-blend blazer $ 351 by Ralph Lauren

Style Set for a Formal Dinner Party

Style set with red evening formal dress what to wear to Monaco Yacht Show

5. Evening Dress

I will only pack one formal evening gown, because I have only one invitation at the moment. And it is a huge hustle to pack evening dresses. So, in case I am invited for another formal dinner party, I will need to improvise. :)

Diane von Furstenberg red wrap formal evening dress

Buy Here: Taley Wrap Dress $ 698 by Diane von Furstenberg

6. Shoes

At the moment I only plan to take one pair of evening shoes and one pair of loafers. But I think there is a need for ballerina flats or sandals, what do you think?

what to wear to a dinner party Charlotte Olympia Twilight Princess Pumps

Buy Here: Twilight Princess Pumps $ 865 by Charlotte Olympia

Salvatore Ferragamo Mason nude Loafers

Buy Here: Mason Loafers $ 550 by Salvatore Ferragamo

Essential Accessories During The Show

7. Bag

A spacious bag is the most important thing during Monaco Yacht Show. First of all, because I am going to have my laptop with me all the time and secondly, there are so many amazing complementary magazines about yachting and luxury lifestyle, that I just need to take them all. Well, most of them. :) So, I take a huge, but light bag and one clutch bag.

Anya Hindmarch black tote with perforated smiley face on the front

Buy Here: Smiley Tote $1450 by Anya Hindmarch

A swirling acrylic Edie Parker clutch with colorful rhinestones at the front.

Edie Parket Lara Jewelie Clutch

Buy Here: Lara Jewelie Clutch $ 1795 by Edie Parker

8. Hat

Last year fashion bloggers who participated in Ocean Independence initiative, were wearing hats and they looked amazing. So, this year I decided that it is a good idea to have a hat with me as well.

Floppy brim wool fedora hat by rag & bone

Buy Here: Floppy Brim Wool Fedora Hat $ 195 by Rag & Bone

9. Sunglasses

And finally, sunglasses. Yachts just shine so brightly on the water, that you need to protect your eyes. Also, I always look much more beautiful on photos when I wear sunglasses.

Chloe Jayme stylish sunglasses

Buy Here: Jayme Sunglasses $ 326 by CHLOÉ

These are my clothing essentials that I am planning to pack for the Monaco Yacht Show 2016. What do you think? Is there anything you would add to my “what to wear” list, that I haven’t thought about? Are you planning to go to the Monaco Yacht Show this year? What you gonna wear? Please share your opinion in the comments below.

Have a wonderful day!



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