It’s been a while since my last “3 Luxe Obsessions Wednesday” edit. Turns out it is not as easy to dig obsessions weekly, as I have thought previously. One week I have too much obsessions and the other – none. So weird, isn’t it?!

Well, this week I have more than three things I am obsessed about. That’s why let’s not waste our time and get right to it.

3 Luxe Obsessions Wednesday

1. Coup d’éclat de Cartier

I fell in love with this amazing cocktail white gold and diamond ring from the latest collection Coup d’éclat de Cartier. This is a great example of the ring which would grab everyone’s attention, not because of it’s size, but mostly due to bright sparkle. Absolutely obsessed.


Coup d’éclat de Cartier diamond ring

photo source

2. Classic Skeleton Tourbillon Lady by Ulysse Nardin

I have just recently returned home from Monaco Yacht Show 2016 and as always there was a great selection of exclusive Ulysse Nardin watches on display. After the show I am really obsessed with this luxurious classic Skeleton Tourbillon Lady Watch. It combines everything I love in watches: feminine design, skeleton tourbillon, luxury brand and most importantly exclusivity! Only 8 timepieces are available for purchase, which means, that only 8 rich lucky girls will be able to possess them. Works perfectly for me!

Classic Skeleton Tourbillon Lady luxury Watch by Ulysse Nardin

3. Augmented Paper by Montblanc

Those who know me a little bit better, will tell you that I am a notepad freak. I am truly obsessed with notepads, I buy them everywhere, write down something and buy another one again. I am jotting down ideas on the go all the time, but my problem is that I rarely add these notes to my computer. Adding notes to my phone doesn’t work as well, I never transfer files to my MAC. In fact the only time I transfer something from my phone to my computer, is when I don’t have any space left and deleting my fun videos is not an option. So, this solution by Montblanc sounds like a great idea for me. You still write with a luxurious pen in an expensive notepad, but all your notes are transferred to your computer fast and simple. Perfect for me. What do you think, girls? This is a great Christmas gift idea, by the way ;)

Montblanc Unveils Augmented Paper

So, these are my 3 Luxe Obsessions this Wednesday. Is there anything you like the most? What are you obsessing at the moment? If I had to choose from these three things, I would definitely choose Classic Skeleton Tourbillon Lady by Ulysse Nardin, and what about you? Please leave your opinion in the comments below. I would love to hear your thoughts!

Have a wonderful day!



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