I remember there was a time when I was obsessing over Mariah Carey and Paris Hilton luxurious walk-in closets. But those times have long gone, because there is nothing as glamorous, chic and extremely expensive as Jamie Chua closet! After watching the video from her newly remodelled luxury closet, I couldn’t get over it for a few days. In fact, I was so impressed, that I wanted to write an article about it, so that everyone could see this beautiful creation. I am still inspired by the idea, design and layout.

Jamie Chua new luxury closet 2016 and birkin hermes bags collection

Jamie Chua Closet

So, what is so special about Jamie Chua walk-in closet, that I wanted to write about it? Let’s start from the beginning. First of all, the contents of the closet is so valuable, that Jamie has a fingerprint scanner lock to enter the paradise. And I mean – PARADISE of designer clothes, shoes, jewellery, watches, Hermes bags and other expensive whatnots. Damn, I love this rich girl. Jamie Chua clearly knows how to spend her money.

It would be better, if you watch the video that inspired me to write this article, before I start listing other magnificent things from my new dream closet. Because I can say a lot about Jamie Chua closet, but it is better to see it for yourself first. Otherwise I don’t think you would understand exactly what I am talking about. Here is a video, enjoy:

What do you think, girls? Are you as obsessed with this luxurious closet as I am? Have a quick look at the Jamie Chua closet before remodel. It looks much smaller, but still amazing:

Can’t get over the amount of priceless handbags that Jamie owns and the way how every bag and clutch is stored. I have read somewhere online that Jamie Chua has the largest collection of Herm├Ęs Birkin bags in the world, over 200! Amazing!

Jamie Chua Closet: 5 Great Ideas To Copy

1. Fingerprint Scan Lock

First idea that I would copy is the fingerprint scan lock to enter the closet. You don’t need to own the biggest collection of Birkin Hermes handbags in the world in order to think about the security of your valuables. I have heard a numerous scary stories, even here in Marbella, when burglars have stolen all the handbags and shoes. And don’t even get me started on jewelry and watches. Better be safe than sorry.

2. Jewelry Armoire
Jamie Chua closet jewelry armoire inspiration

Absolutely loved how Jamie Chua jewelry is stored in a exquisite armoire. Definitely something to think about while planning your own dream closet.

3. Perpendicular Pullout Closet Racks For Clothes
jamie Chua closet inspiration for the designer wardrobe and clothes organizer

Brilliant idea with the perpendicular pullout closet racks for clothes! This way you can fit in so much more clothes and save a lot of closet space. I will definitely copy this idea for my next closet.

Jamie Chua closet designer wardrobe

4. Glass Storage For Handbags
Jamie Chua closet luxury birkin hermes handbag collection

How would you keep your precious Hermes handbags so that they don’t lose shape and form, but most importantly make you feel proud any time you enter your closet? Love the way how handbags are stored in Jamie Chua closet. You can see all the bags that you own at a glance, almost like in a museum. Storing handbags is a constant pain for me, although I don’t have so much Birkin Heremes bags, but the ones that I have still need to be presented and taken care of appropriately. Great closet inspiration for the future.

5. Modern Glass Shoe Rack
Jamie Chua modern glass shoe rack shoe organizer

As much as I love the glass shelves for handbags, I also love the same glass rack for shoes. Looks very beautiful and convenient at the same time. The only question that I have to this kind of shoe organizer is how to reach shoes and boots on the top shelves? Should you have a special ladder?

These are my favourite takeaways from the luxury closet of Jamie Chua. It is definitely a closet inspiration for me in the future. Something to look at while planning my own dream closet.

What do you think, girls? Do you like Jamie Chua walk-in closet? Is there any other luxury closets that you love? Please share your opinion in the comments below. Let’s get inspired together!

Have a wonderful day!



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The photos in this article are for the informational purposes only and are screen shots from the above listed video. That’s why the quality is not of the high standard.