I was browsing through new posts on Fashionista.com and stumbled upon a very interesting article about Vera Wang’s latest show.

Recently my favorite bridal designer Vera Wang showed her Fall 2012 bridal collection in New York. The theme for the show was very Halloween-ish called – “Witchcraft”. The dresses were gorgeous as usual, but included seven black gowns! Can you imagine black dress on your wedding day? How brave is that?

Although the dresses are breathtaking and models look kind of mysterious and bitchy “witchy” – my absolute favorite combination, I still think it would be a little bit over the top to wear something like that on an actual wedding day. I can even hear a deep sigh of the crowd in the church when people see the bride in a black dress walking down the isle. And if you don’t really care what the crowd is thinking about you, can you imagine what your future husband might be thinking? He is expecting a white beautiful happy cloud, but instead there is a black moody witch. And if he is not scared enough already with this marriage and commitment thing, seeing you in black could trigger a big fat coward inside of him and you have a chance to end up with a runaway groom. :)

Black and Lace Wedding Dress by Vera Wang

Black Wedding Gown by Vera Wang

Vera Wang Black Wedding Dress

That said, I would still consider this brave step and show them all just how unique I am. Or maybe still not. Anyway, I love Vera Wang and I hope she knows what she is doing :)

What do you think about Vera Wang’s brave and extraordinary idea of wedding gowns? Would you actually consider to wear black on your wedding day? I would love to know what do you think, rich girls!

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Pictures source and the rest of the dresses: Fashionista.com