Last year I made a list of top 10 most beautiful rich celebrity girls in their bikinis and this list was one of the most popular posts through out the year. So, I decided that it could be a very nice tradition here on Rich Girls Club and here we go, my new “Top 10 Celebrity Bikini 2011”.

Somehow last year there were a lot more interesting celebrity bikinis to choose from, than in 2011. This year it seems like rich celebrity girls decided to go for a simple and sometimes too boring looks. It was hard for me to collect 10 amazing bikinis, that’s why there are a lot of new faces in this list. Who knows, maybe I was a little bit picky this time. You always try to upstage your previous success and maybe sometimes you just try too hard. Anyway, here is Rich Girls Club now annual top 10 celebrity bikini list.

10 – Katie Price

To tell you the truth I am not a huge Katie Price fan, but I still entered her in Rich Girls Club top, for the following reasons. First, I like the bikini, second, she was in this bikini here in Marbella, partying in Ocean Club this year. So, I guess, she deserved a place.

katie price blue bikini body ocean club marbella 2011

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9 – Rachel Uchitel

Don’t ask me who this girl is, because I don’t really know. But I like her bikini and the way she looks in it, that’s why Rachel Uchitel is on the 9th place in our top.

rachel uchitel pink and brown bikini with seashells

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8 – Anna Kournikova

I think Anna Kournikova will look breathtakingly in anything she wears. Anna has amazing body and this white bikini with a tiny ornaments looks really cute on her.

anna kournikova miami white sexy bikini boat

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7 – Jessica Biel

I loved Jessica’s bikini, because it is interesting, this tiny bottom-skirt looks sexy on her toned long legs.

jessica biel cute pink bikini hot body

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6 – Doutzen Kroes

Now, it is time for a sexy one-piece. This picture is actually from the photo shoot, so we don’t really know what Doutzen prefers to wear on the beach herself. But the swimming suit and the girl both look so great, they deserved to be listed in our top.

doutzen kroes black bikini photo shoot

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And now, my Top 5 Rich Girl’s Celebrity In Bikini 2011

5 – Fergie

Fergie appears again in our bikini top. Last year she was on the 8th place with her sexy knitted bikini, this year she goes up 3 places and now occupies the honorable 5th place in her amazing red and black bikini. I just wonder what the next year will bring. Go, Fergie!

fergie red and black bikini beach

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4 – Laura Croft

One of my favorite bikini colours this year is yellow, and I think Laura Croft looks really cute in her yellow bikini. What do you think, girls?

laura croft yellow hot bikini body

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3 – Michelle Keegan

From the first sight it seems like this pink bikini is nothing special, but somehow it works wonders to Michelle Keegan’s body or maybe the other way around. Anyway, the bikini and Michelle looks amazing and super sexy, that’s why they deserved the 3rd place.

michelle keegan pink push up bikini body beach

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Rich Sexy Celebrity Girls In White

It was really hard for me to decide who will take first and second places, that’s why I leave it up to you to choose which out of the rest three bikinis should be called the best bikini in our “Rich Top 10 Celebrity Bikini 2011”. And since, I somehow started to love white bikinis this summer, you need to choose from white bikinis.

I don’t know why before I thought that white bikinis are too boring. One look at Victoria Silvstedt in her sexy swimwear and you actually understand that on a tanned perfect body white bikini looks amazing.

Victoria Silvstedt

victoria silvstedt white hot beach swimwear

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By the way Victoria Silvstedt like Fergie also made it to the “Rich Top 10 Celebrity Bikini 2010” last year. Her image in pink bikini earned her 3rd place in our 2010 top. This year she is Rich Girls Club absolute favorite.

victoria silvstedt white hot push up bikini

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Eva Longoria

The other goddess in white and Rich Girl’s Club favorite is Eva Longoria. She looks great with her boyfriend Eduardo on a yacht in Marbella. Yes, that’s right, Eva Longoria and Eduardo Cruz spent this weekend in Marbella, they even went out dining in Puerto Banus. Don’t know how I missed them :)

I will try harder and look for Eva Longoria in a month, when she will be coming back to Marbella in August to co-host with Antonio Banderas “Starlite Gala” charity event. Maybe she will bring another bikini next time ;)

eva longoria in marbella in white bikini with eduardo cruz

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So, rich girls, what do you think? Is there any celebrity bikini which you liked? Maybe you have your own favorite bikini which is not on the list, please do not hesitate to share it with us! The list can always be altered ;)


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