This year is rich for Royal weddings, first, Kate Middleton now Duchess of Cambridge kept us waiting in anticipation to see her special wedding dress by Sarah Burton, and just a couple of days ago Charlene Wittstock now Princess Charlene of Monaco sparkled the whole principality in Giorgio Armani Prive white wedding dress.

Royal weddings remind us of fairy tales we all used to love when we were kids and these two weddings especially have something in common with “Cinderella”, both brides were not from Royal families. They also give us yet another proof that everything is possible, even to marry a real prince. Ahh, fairy tales :)

So, if you were dreaming to marry a prince one day, what kind of wedding dress you imagined to wear? And what do you think about the wedding dress choices the two brides have made?

Kate Middleton wedding day dress

To tell you the truth, when I first saw Kate Middleton’s wedding dress I was disappointed. Maybe because there were such a huge fuss in the press about the dress, everyone was so eager to see it. All this buzz raised my expectations really high and when I saw it on TV, I was disappointed. I thought that the dress was too simple to wear on a Royal wedding, I expected it to be over the top, something that you won’t see on a friend’s wedding.

But now, when I look at the dress, after all these wedding speculations are over, I actually think it was nice, the lace top was exquisite and the gown definitely suited the Duchess of Cambridge perfectly.

Kate Middleton wedding gown

After being mildly disappointment with Kate Middleton’s wedding dress, I was not expecting anything from Charlene Wittstock’s wedding gown. And maybe that’s why I loved it so much! The dress was exactly like I pictured Royal wedding dress should be: adorned with 40,000 Swarovski crystals, gold and pearl hand embroidery on the front and a very long train. Luxurious and chic!

Charlene Wittstock wedding with Prince Albert II Monaco

I have read some comments on other sites that the neckline is wrong for girls with broad shoulders, but I think it somehow worked for Princess Charlene of Monaco and looked great on her.

Charlene Wittstock wedding dress Monaco

So, rich girls, what do you think about the Royal wedding dresses? Which one did you like the most?

If you want to see more pictures of Princess Charlene wedding dress you can see them here: and Duchess of Cambridge wedding dress here: At least that’s where I took the pictures from.


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