A week ago I had a very special occasion and wanted to celebrate it in the unique and exquisite place. There are a lot of nice places around Marbella and Puerto Banus, but I needed not just a nice place, but something really special with spectacular views, romantic atmosphere and tasty food. So, I thought about El Gran Gatsby, recently opened restaurant in the exclusive place in Puerto Banus. I must say that I was taking a little bit of risk by going there, since this restaurant just opened and it was hard to find any reviews about this place. Anyway, I decided to trust my gut feeling and the fact that the owners of the place also own Magna Cafe, another famous and great restaurant.

rich girl at el gran gatsby restaurant puerto banus marbella

I booked a table through the form on their site, after one hour a girl called me to confirm my booking and ask what time and where I preferred to be sited. Since I didn’t know the place I asked the girl to give us the best table they have. I really hoped she would place us at the best possible table, but I forced my expectations to stay low to avoid disappointment.

And so in the evening I put on my new dress, good mood and was ready to check out the new place and celebrate my special day.

When we arrived at El Gran Gatsby, we were pleasantly greeted and seated at the best table! I was so happy! The table was really the best I could think of with spectacular view of the port with amazing yachts on display. Also, because the restaurant is situated on the second floor, you can see the whole panorama of the port and my favorite La Concha mountain on the background. The interior also exceeded my expectations, it was cozy and at the same time very chic. At this point I could relax and start to enjoy my evening. It was time to order.

rich girl at puerto banus marbella spain el gran gatsby restaurant

Although El Gran Gatsby has extended and exquisite choice of wine, we decided to go for my favorite Mumm Cordon Rouge champagne. They have more expensive champagne of course, but I somehow prefer Mumm and there is nothing you can do about it :)

el gran gatsby restaurant wine cellar alternative view

As a starter we tried carpaccio of red prawns with spicy oil and ajo blanco sorbet. It was amazing! You can hardly understand that you are actually eating prawns, because they were cut so finely. I loved it.

ricky martin mas tour in malaga spain

As a second course my husband tried Asturian beef sirloin steak with virgin olive oil and allumette potatoes:

ricky martin mas tour in malaga spain

And I went for salt baked sea bass from the Veta de la Palma estate, served with potatoes and a spicy mojo sauce:

ricky martin mas tour in malaga spain

My Sea Bass was really good, and I haven’t even tried what my husband was eating, since I couldn’t even finish my dish. We both were very satisfied with the quality of food.

I also tried a desert, but it was just an ordinary chocolate fondant with chocolate ice-cream, nothing special.

I want also to mention exceptional service in El Gran Gatsby restaurant. During the evening at least 5 waiters were fussing around us, making our night so special. I want to thank everyone at the restaurant for such a wonderful and great job!

After we finished with the food, we walked around the restaurant to the open roof lounge area, where you can enjoy cocktails and food till the early morning. Maybe next time I should check it out as well.

el gran gatsby lounge cocktail

I really enjoyed my time at El Gran Gatsby restaurant in Puerto Banus and would recommend this place for a quiet and romantic night or to take your business partners or guests to show one of the best restaurants in Puerto Banus. I am sure everyone will be satisfied.

Rich girls, have you been to El Gran Gatsby already? What do you think about this place?


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