Today is dedicated to guest posts. I am glad, that girls are sending in their entries, it means that we are a real Rich Girls Club where everyone has a possibility to speak. I would like to introduce you to Torey Hendrix. Torey wrote an interesting article about girls in poker. I wanted to cover this topic a long time ago, but didn’t know where to start. And now Torey writes about the successful and lucky rich girls who have over $3 million in lifetime winnings from live poker tournaments. Maybe it is time to move those relaxed poker games at home to the next level, girls? Yours, Rich Girl

Poker may still be a “boys” game on the surface, as the vast majority of players are still male, but women have been closing the gap in recent years, as especially as the popularity of online blackjack and poker sites have grown. Plenty of women have had success at the poker tables for years (both in casual home games as well as at the highest stakes games) but it’s only in recent years that more and more women turn to poker as a full-time profession. The girls are now striking it rich in poker right alongside the boys, and in many cases are a much hotter commodity when it comes to sponsorship deals and endorsements.

paris hilton poker table

“The heiress herself is a poker aficionado and yes, she wins!”

Top female pros such as Vanessa Rousso, Vanessa Selbst, Kathy Liebert, and Annette Obrestad each have over $3 million in lifetime winnings from live poker tournaments alone — a figure that doesn’t include playing in live cash games or their results from online play. Jennifer Harman Traniello just barely misses out on the $3 million club (although she does have over $2.5 million in lifetime tournament earnings) but she’s better known as one of the few women who’ve regularly battled with the best cash game players — think Doyle Brunson, Phil Ivey, and Daniel Negreanu — in Las Vegas’ biggest cash games.

jennifer tilly bellagio poker table

As far as star factor, actress Jennifer Tilly is a regular feature at the tables, playing alongside boyfriend Phil Laak at many of the world’s biggest poker tournaments. She’s definitely picked up a thing or two herself, as she’s got a World Series of Poker win to her credit in a Ladies event as well as a win in a Bellagio tournament. Former model and TV star Liv Boeree has also proven handy at the poker table, winning an European Poker Tour event and eclipsing the $2 million mark in lifetime earnings.

More and more women are turning to online play as well to sharpen their games, which provides a comfortable and easy way to learn the game. Online sites now offer hundreds of games such as poker, blackjack, craps, and slots games online, enabling new players to learn and enjoy a variety of games without the intimidation factor of taking a seat live in a casino for the first time. And playing online can be just as lucrative for poker players, as many online pros easily make $100,000-$200,000/year, and all without ever having to leave the comfort of their favorite chair or couch.

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