Congratulations to all the people in United States of America, your girl is the most beautiful in the whole world this year!! I don’t remember when was the last time a girl from America won Miss World title. I was so curious that I even Googled it and according to Wikipedia during 60 years of the pageant, girls from United States won Miss World crown three times. The first Miss World from America was Marjorie Wallace from Indianapolis, Indiana, she won the title in 1973. After that there were long years when American girls were among the top beauties, even runner ups, but only in 1990 Gina Tolleson from Charleston, South Carolina managed to win the title. And only now, 20 years later, 18 year old Alexandria Mills from Louisville, Kentucky on the 30th of October in Sanya, China was crowned Miss World 2010. Congratulations!!

Actually, United States is on the 4th place for the total number of wins in Miss World pageant. The first three places are as follows: India (5 wins), Venezuela (5 wins), United Kingdom (5 wins).

I love beauty pageants! When I was a little girl I used to dream of winning one of such beauty contests :) Well, not all of your dreams are destined to come true. Anyway, I am glad that we have such celebrations of girl’s beauty!

What do you thing about beauty pageants?


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