I just refuse to conform with the fact that time flies so fast. Extremely fast. Do you have any idea how to slow it down a bit? Otherwise years go by so quickly, that soon enough I will only write about anti-ageing miracles :)

Anyway, I hope you had amazing Holidays and enjoyed some relaxing time with your family and beloved ones. Now the new year is here and we sure enough have to plan, achieve and dream big!

The first red carpet event that kick started the award season is the 2015 People’s Choice Awards, which aired live last night on CBS at Los Angeles’ Nokia Theatre. I was not watching it, but in order to warm up before my favourite red carpet event of the year – Golden Globes – I browsed through numerous photos of best dressed (and not so) celebrities. Here is the list of my most favourite actresses on the 2015 People’s Choice Awards red carpet last night:

1. Portia de Rossi in Zuhair Murad

Absolutely loved the jumpsuit and the way it looked on Portia. Stunning and appropriate to the event.

Portia de Rossi at People's Choice Awards 2015 in Zuhair Murad

2. Ellen Pompeo in Elie Saab

Another stunner is Ellen Pompeo in a jumpsuit by Elie Saab. Actually, it is hard for me to say which look I like better – Ellen’s or Portia’s. Both girls look breathtaking.

Ellen Pompeo at People's Choice Awards 2015 in Elie Saab

3. Rita Volk
I don’t who is the designer of Rita Volk’s dress (and I didn’t know who she is until today), but she looks great!
Rita Volk at Peoples Choice Awards 2015 red carpet

4. Allison Janney in Rani Zakhem

Allison Janney was the co-host of the evening and she was shining bright. Usually it is very hard to pull such look off, but I think she did it! Kudos for flawless body.

Allison Janney at Peoples Choice Awards 2015 in Rani Zakhem

5. Kat Dennings in Ludmila Corlateanu

A lot of people said that this look was too dark and too gothic, but I like it. I think it is sooo Kat Dennings. Love the hair and makeup as well.

Kat Dennings at Peoples Choice Awards 2015 in Ludmila Corlateanu

6. Beth Behrs in Juan Carlos Obando

And finally, Beth Behrs in Juan Carlos Obando. Some would say it is too simple and boring, but I think that Beth looks stunning. Sometimes you don’t even notice the dress, you remember the woman. I think this is exactly the case with Beth this time.

Beth Behrs at People's Choice Awards 2015 in Juan Carlos Obando

As I said, this is just a warm up before the big red carpet event on Sunday! I am getting super excited to see what celebrities are going to wear for the Golden Globes. Stay tuned for my red carpet dress predictions!

What do you think of my selected few best dressed celebrities at 2015 People’s Choice Awards red carpet? Is there anyone who you liked the most and which is not on my list? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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