It seems that only yesterday have started a marvellous tradition of introducing 5 amazing bloggers before Christmas! Now it is already the second edition of our yearly Holiday editorial and not 5, but 6 fabulous bloggers! I figured that it would be great to add one more blogger each year as there are so many blogs worth mentioning that 5 is simply not enough.

Time does fly by incredibly quickly, but as long as each year brings something great and remarkable I have no problem with that :) And if we want the coming year to be even better and more exciting than the previous one, we should have a plan and a wishlist. Let’s find out what unforgettable things happened to these amazing girls in 2014 and what they wish for in 2015! Don’t forget to check out their blogs as you will be pleasantly surprised and definitely will become an avid fan and follower.

5 amazing female fashion bloggers greetings for readers


Katya Bychkova StyleSprinter Blog

Katya Bychkova
Photo by Vital Agibalow

StyleSprinter blog is the creative space where I document what happens in my eventful life, from outfit choices and beauty tricks to recipes and party reviews. My personal style is feminine and at the same time playful. Think Coco Chanel meets Amelie from Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s eponymous movie. I have a huge collection of dresses and high heels and almost never wear jeans. Red lipstick is my mantra, as well as my books: I am an avid reader and can’t imagine my life without constantly educating myself. Check out my blog and let’s enjoy all the beautiful things in life together!

Most Unforgettable Experience of 2014: I’ve attended Art Basel Miami for the first time in my life, and it made an unforgettable impression on me. I saw some of the most expensive pieces of art, the most shocking and provocative works by contemporary artists, and attended the best art openings of the season. I would like to say that it is definitely one of the events that you might want to include on your bucket list. It is so incredible that I have already started thinking about how I want to visit Art Basel next year.

Luxurious Wish-list item: I love beautiful shoes, and the Christian Louboutin’s So Kate definitely one of the models that attract me aesthetically. I am convinced that expensive shoes make the entire outfit look better, that is why I consider such item to be not only just another desirable pair of shoes in my collection, but an investment in my future fabulous OOTDs.

Dreams for 2015: This year, I am organizing for the second time in my life an international art competition for artists, Art Sprinter and my dream is to make this project a huge success. Many nowadays artists could not make living from doing what they were born to do—create art—and my goal is to help these emerging talents to become recognized and to follow their dreams. In other words, I want my dream to come true so many other talented people could start fulfilling their dreams too.

Holiday Greeting: New Year symbolizes a new start, and I would like to wish you this year not to be afraid to follow your dreams. Explore your creative potential and be happy about who you are. Happy holidays!


Carolina Monestel Brunch and Vogue Blog

Carolina Monestel

It’s hard to not become entirely consumed by the marvels of the fashion world, and I, like many others, am completely spellbound. Brunch and Vogue is what resulted from this unquenchable thirst for fashion and an innate feeling of wanderlust.

Most Unforgettable Experience of 2014: My most unforgettable experience this year is actually a close tie between ringing in 2014 from Time’s Square in New York and getting accepted into College for the first time.

Luxurious Wish-list item: I’d have to say the Arielle headband from Jennifer Behr is definitely at the top of my wish list this year.

Dreams for 2015: As cliché as it may sound, seeing as I’ll be headed off to college next year, my dream for 2015 is to make it the most adventure-packed, breathtaking and memorable year yet. Hopefully this will come in the form of a growing blog, academic success, and a substantial amount of traveling.

Holiday Greeting: Whatever holiday it is that you may be celebrating this time of year, I wish you all the best of times and I hope you get to ring in the New Year surrounded by people that love and cherish you. Happy holidays lovelies!


Christine Buzan from Madame Ostrich

Christine Buzan

I’m a writer and digital strategist located in NYC. I started Madame Ostrich in 2012 as a means of exploring the way culture, gender, and history impact our perceptions of style.

Most Unforgettable Experience of 2014: I have been extremely fortunate in that both my blog and professional career have given me the opportunity to experience a ton of amazing moments this past year. I’d have to say that two experiences from 2014 stand out in particular. The first one being when Madame Ostrich was featured on BBC! The second being when I was invited by Ray-Ban to a private event where Blondie was playing. Seeing Debbie Harry sing in such an intimate environment was so cool! Oh, and also when the Foo Fighters did a private super bowl pre-concert. That was the best! So I guess I have three.

Luxurious Wish-list item: Kate Spade has so many great ostrich items this season. I’ve been lusting after this jacket for some time!

Dreams for 2015: I’d love to have more free time for writing. Working full time it’s a bit of a challenge to keep up a blog, and I find that there are so many things I’d love to explore through writing, but I just don’t have the time. Hopefully I’ll hit the lottery or something. :)

Holiday Greeting: Happy Holidays! When in doubt, go for a red lip and winged eyeliner.


Ashley Barile from Feed Me Trendy blog

Ashley Barile

My name is Ashley and I’m a cosmetologist and graphic designer. I love fashion and beauty (and food…and movies)! I am not overly glamorous, and I feel that people can relate to that. I want to inspire, teach, empower, and entertain the everyday woman.

Most Unforgettable Experience of 2014: I’d have to say the most unforgettable experience was my grandmother’s 90th birthday party. I am definitely a family person and I’m so grateful to still have her and her Sunday spaghetti & meatball dinners!

Luxurious Wish-list item: I love the Tiffany Legacy® ring from Tiffany’s. :) A woman can dream! I’d love to get something similar (hint hint, someone tell my boyfriend…)

Dreams for 2015: My dream of going to Italy will be fulfilled in 2015, so I’m excited about that! Another one of my dreams is just to get more readers for my blog, followers on social media, and create a YouTube channel.

Holiday Greeting: I wish everyone a safe, healthy, and happy holiday season with friends and family. In honor of the New Year, I hope everyone tries something new that they’ve always wanted to do. I truly think that you can do whatever you want to if you work hard enough. You owe it to yourself to be happy — so go out there and get it!


Mary Keegan from What Sundays Are For blog

Mary Keegan

I’m Mary – the creator of What Sundays Are For. I’m 23, living in the beautiful St. Petersburg, Florida. I’m a full time International Sales Manager and part time blogger and Spanish lover. I love collaborating and supporting small businesses and local eateries in my hometown. I’m all about positivity and spreading kindness. Join me as I celebrate the little things that make life so great. What Sundays Are For is a lifestyle blog about my style, travels, and favorite local shops.

Most Unforgettable Experience of 2014: Swimming with sea turtles in cancun, mexico & finding a hidden cenote on the side of the road. We swam and jumped from cliffs all day – it was so amazing! I love unexpected adventures.. they’re always the best!

Luxurious Wish-list item: A pair of Stuart Weitzman boots.

Dreams for 2015: This year I want to combine the direction of my blog with my full time job as a hotel representation international sales manager. I have a strong passion for traveling, networking and meeting new people. I love working in the hotel industry, and would love to incorporate my blog with international sales going into 2015. There are so many opportunities and social media plays such a strong role, especially today. I love meeting people from different cultures and learning new things everyday!

Holiday Greeting: Thank you all for checking out my blog. Happiest holidays to you and your loved ones!


STEPHANIE GUILLAUME from the Swiss Turning Point blog

Stephanie Guillaume

My full name is Stéphanie Alice Guillaume. I live in Switzerland, but was born in Haïti to two Haitian parents. I am currently studying International Business Management and I speak 5 languages (Haitian Creole, French, German, English, Korean-which I’m still learning) going to my sixth (Spanish). I love to travel, to shop, to listen to music and sing. I laugh a lot, smile a lot, and well…sing a lot. I opened my blog Turning Point because I wanted to be somehow linked to fashion while doing my studies in the field of economics.

Most Unforgettable Experience of 2014: The most unforgettable thing that happened this years would be me going on holidays alone with my little sister for the first time to Los Angeles.

Luxurious Wish-list item: The most expensive thing that I have on my wishlist right now is the Mayada Satin Smoking slipper by Tory Burch.

Dreams for 2015: My dreams for 2015 is to succeed in my studies, to become sportive (or at least do a little sport), to be in good health and for my blog to thrive.

Holiday Greeting: I wish you all health, happiness, success for the New Year of 2015, and may your biggest dream come true.


I want to say Thank you! one more time to Stephanie, Mary, Katya, Ashley, Carolina and Christine for sharing with us their dreams and the most sincere and kind Holiday Greetings! It is great to discover new bloggers and my reading list have been updated with 6 more blogs. I wish you all success and happiness in 2015!

Merry Christmas!